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Zafer Cömert
Zafer Cömert
Assoc. Prof., Software Engineering, Samsun University
samsun.edu.tr üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip - Ana Sayfa
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
COVID-19 detection using deep learning models to exploit Social Mimic Optimization and structured chest X-ray images using fuzzy color and stacking approaches
M Toğaçar, B Ergen, Z Cömert
Computers in biology and medicine 121, 103805, 2020
A novel medical diagnosis model for COVID-19 infection detection based on deep features and Bayesian optimization
M Nour, Z Cömert, K Polat
Applied Soft Computing 97, 106580, 2020
A deep feature learning model for pneumonia detection applying a combination of mRMR feature selection and machine learning models
M Toğaçar, B Ergen, Z Cömert, F Özyurt
Irbm 41 (4), 212-222, 2020
A study of artificial neural network training algorithms for classification of cardiotocography signals
Z Cömert, AF Kocamaz
Bitlis Eren University journal of science and technology 7 (2), 93-103, 2017
BreastNet: A novel convolutional neural network model through histopathological images for the diagnosis of breast cancer
M Toğaçar, KB Özkurt, B Ergen, Z Cömert
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 2020
Comparison of machine learning techniques for fetal heart rate classification
Z Comert, AF Kocamaz
Polısh acad scıences ınst physıcs, al lotnıkow 32-46, pl-02-668 warsaw, poland, 2017
BrainMRNet: Brain Tumor Detection using Magnetic Resonance Images with a Novel Convolutional Neural Network Model
M Toğaçar, B Ergen, Z Cömert
Medical Hypotheses, 109531, 2020
Detection of lung cancer on chest CT images using minimum redundancy maximum relevance feature selection method with convolutional neural networks
M Toğaçar, B Ergen, Z Cömert
Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering, 2020
Computer-aided diagnosis system combining FCN and Bi-LSTM model for efficient breast cancer detection from histopathological images
Ü Budak, Z Cömert, ZN Rashid, A Şengür, M Çıbuk
Applied Soft Computing 85, 105765, 2019
Identification of haploid and diploid maize seeds using convolutional neural networks and a transfer learning approach
Y Altuntaş, Z Cömert, AF Kocamaz
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 163, 104874, 2019
Waste Classification using AutoEncoder Network with Integrated Feature Selection Method in Convolutional Neural Network Models
M Toğaçar, B Ergen, Z Cömert
Measurement, 107459, 2020
Prognostic model based on image-based time-frequency features and genetic algorithm for fetal hypoxia assessment
Z Cömert, AF Kocamaz, V Subha
Computers in biology and medicine 99, 85-97, 2018
Application of breast cancer diagnosis based on a combination of convolutional neural networks, ridge regression and linear discriminant analysis using invasive breast cancer …
M Toğaçar, B Ergen, Z Cömert
Medical Hypotheses, 109503, 2020
Fetal Hypoxia Detection Based on Deep Convolutional Neural Network with Transfer Learning Approach
Z Cömert, AF Kocamaz
Computer Science On-line Conference, 239-248, 2019
Automatic determination of digital modulation types with different noises using convolutional neural network based on time–frequency information
N Daldal, Z Cömert, K Polat
Applied Soft Computing 86, 105834, 2020
Classification of brain MRI using hyper column technique with convolutional neural network and feature selection method
M Toğaçar, Z Cömert, B Ergen
Expert Systems with Applications 149, 113274, 2020
Convolutional neural network approach for automatic tympanic membrane detection and classification
E Başaran, Z Cömert, Y Çelik
Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 56, 101734, 2020
Computer-aided diagnosis system of fetal hypoxia incorporating recurrence plot with convolutional neural network
Z Zhao, Y Zhang, Z Comert, Y Deng
Frontiers in physiology 10, 255, 2019
DCCMED-Net: Densely Connected and Concatenated Multi Encoder-Decoder CNNs for Retinal Vessel Extraction from Fundus Images
Ü Budak, Z Cömert, M Çıbuk, A Şengür
Medical Hypotheses, 109426, 2020
Open-access software for analysis of fetal heart rate signals
Z Cömert, AF Kocamaz
Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 45, 98-108, 2018
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