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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Meat spoilage: a critical review of a neglected alteration due to ropy slime producing bacteria
MF Iulietto, P Sechi, E Borgogni, BT Cenci-Goga
Italian Journal of Animal Science 14 (3), 4011, 2015
Toxoplasma in animals, food, and humans: an old parasite of new concern
BT Cenci-Goga, PV Rossitto, P Sechi, CME McCrindle, JS Cullor
Foodborne Pathogens and Disease 8 (7), 751-762, 2011
Enterotoxin production by Staphylococcus aureus isolated from mastitic cows
BT Cenci-Goga, M Karama, PV Rossitto, RA Morgante, JS Cullor
Journal of food protection 66 (9), 1693-1696, 2003
Religious slaughter: Evaluation of current practices in selected countries
A Velarde, P Rodriguez, A Dalmau, C Fuentes, P Llonch, ...
Meat science 96 (1), 278-287, 2014
Heavy metal bioaccumulation in honey bee matrix, an indicator to assess the contamination level in terrestrial environments
E Goretti, M Pallottini, R Rossi, G La Porta, T Gardi, BTC Goga, AC Elia, ...
Environmental Pollution 256, 113388, 2020
Seroprevalence and risk factors for Toxoplasma gondii in sheep in Grosseto district, Tuscany, Italy
BT Cenci-Goga, A Ciampelli, P Sechi, F Veronesi, I Moretta, V Cambiotti, ...
BMC veterinary research 9, 1-9, 2013
Seroprevalence of toxoplasmosis in sheep in South Africa
N Abu Samraa, CME McCrindle, BL Penzhorn, B Cenci-Goga
Journal of the South African Veterinary Association 78 (3), 116-120, 2007
Biofilm formation, pigment production and motility in Pseudomonas spp. isolated from the dairy industry
C Rossi, A Serio, C Chaves-López, F Anniballi, B Auricchio, E Goffredo, ...
Food Control 86, 241-248, 2018
Report on good and adverse practices-Animal welfare concerns in relation to slaughter practices from the viewpoint of veterinary sciences
K von Holleben, M Von Wenzlawowicz, N Gregory, H Anil, A Velarde, ...
Dialrel Deliverable 1, 3, 2010
Effect of selected dairy starter cultures on microbiological, chemical and sensory characteristics of swine and venison (Dama dama) nitrite-free dry-cured sausages
BT Cenci-Goga, PV Rossitto, P Sechi, S Parmegiani, V Cambiotti, ...
Meat Science 90 (3), 599-606, 2012
Staphylococcus aureus enterotoxin in food of animal origin and staphylococcal food poisoning risk assessment from farm to table
L Grispoldi, M Karama, A Armani, C Hadjicharalambous, BT Cenci-Goga
Italian Journal of Animal Science 20 (1), 677-690, 2021
Influence of incubation conditions on biofilm formation by Pseudomonas fluorescens isolated from dairy products and dairy manufacturing plants
C Rossi, C Chaves-López, A Serio, E Goffredo, BTC Goga, A Paparella
Italian journal of food safety 5 (3), 2016
Use of starter cultures of dairy origin in the production of Salame nostrano, an Italian dry-cured sausage
BT Cenci-Goga, D Ranucci, D Miraglia, A Cioffi
Meat science 78 (4), 381-390, 2008
Food safety and nutritional quality for the prevention of non communicable diseases: the Nutrient, hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point process (NACCP)
L Di Renzo, C Colica, A Carraro, B Cenci Goga, LT Marsella, R Botta, ...
Journal of translational medicine 13, 1-13, 2015
Effects of UV irradiation in a continuous turbulent flow UV reactor on microbiological and sensory characteristics of cow's milk
PV Rossitto, JS Cullor, J Crook, J Parko, P Sechi, BT Cenci-Goga
Journal of food protection 75 (12), 2197-2207, 2012
Characterization of enterotoxin-producing Staphylococcus aureus isolated from mastitic cows
L Grispoldi, L Massetti, P Sechi, MF Iulietto, M Ceccarelli, M Karama, ...
Journal of dairy science 102 (2), 1059-1065, 2019
Achiral–chiral two-dimensional chromatography of free amino acids in milk: A promising tool for detecting different levels of mastitis in cows
F Ianni, R Sardella, A Lisanti, A Gioiello, BTC Goga, W Lindner, B Natalini
Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis 116, 40-46, 2015
Effect of the implementation of HACCP on the microbiological quality of meals at a university restaurant
BT Cenci-Goga, R Ortenzi, E Bartocci, AC De Oliveira, F Clementi, ...
Foodbourne Pathogens & Disease 2 (2), 138-145, 2005
Evolution under different storage conditions of anomalous blue coloration of Mozzarella cheese intentionally contaminated with a pigment-producing strain of Pseudomonas fluorescens
BT Cenci-Goga, M Karama, P Sechi, MF Iulietto, S Novelli, S Mattei
Journal of Dairy Science 97 (11), 6708-6718, 2014
New trends in meat packaging
BT Cenci-Goga, MF Iulietto, P Sechi, E Borgogni, M Karama, L Grispoldi
Microbiology Research 11 (2), 56-67, 2020
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