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Albert C. To
Albert C. To
William Kepler Whiteford Professor, University of Pittsburgh
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Current and future trends in topology optimization for additive manufacturing
J Liu, AT Gaynor, S Chen, Z Kang, K Suresh, A Takezawa, L Li, J Kato, ...
Structural and multidisciplinary optimization 57 (6), 2457-2483, 2018
Efficient design-optimization of variable-density hexagonal cellular structure by additive manufacturing: theory and validation
P Zhang, J Toman, Y Yu, E Biyikli, M Kirca, M Chmielus, AC To
Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering 137 (2), 021004, 2015
Functionally graded lattice structure topology optimization for the design of additive manufactured components with stress constraints
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Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 344, 334-359, 2019
Finite element modeling and validation of thermomechanical behavior of Ti-6Al-4V in directed energy deposition additive manufacturing
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Efficient design optimization of variable-density cellular structures for additive manufacturing: theory and experimental validation
L Cheng, P Zhang, E Biyikli, J Bai, J Robbins, A To
Rapid Prototyping Journal 23 (4), 660-677, 2017
Interplay between phononic bandgaps and piezoelectric microstructures for energy harvesting
S Gonella, AC To, WK Liu
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An inherent strain based multiscale modeling framework for simulating part-scale residual deformation for direct metal laser sintering
Q Chen, X Liang, D Hayduke, J Liu, L Cheng, J Oskin, R Whitmore, AC To
Additive Manufacturing 28, 406-418, 2019
A modified method for estimating inherent strains from detailed process simulation for fast residual distortion prediction of single-walled structures fabricated by directed …
X Liang, L Cheng, Q Chen, Q Yang, AC To
Additive Manufacturing 23, 471-486, 2018
On utilizing topology optimization to design support structure to prevent residual stress induced build failure in laser powder bed metal additive manufacturing
L Cheng, X Liang, J Bai, Q Chen, J Lemon, A To
Additive Manufacturing 27, 290-304, 2019
A review of multi-scale and multi-physics simulations of metal additive manufacturing processes with focus on modeling strategies
M Bayat, W Dong, J Thorborg, AC To, JH Hattel
Additive Manufacturing 47, 102278, 2021
Role of anisotropic properties on topology optimization of additive manufactured load bearing structures
P Zhang, J Liu, AC To
Scripta Materialia 135, 148-152, 2017
Invited review: Machine learning for materials developments in metals additive manufacturing
NS Johnson, PS Vulimiri, AC To, X Zhang, CA Brice, BB Kappes, ...
Additive Manufacturing 36, 101641, 2020
Wavelet denoising techniques with applications to experimental geophysical data
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AC To, S Li
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Coupling lattice structure topology optimization with design-dependent feature evolution for additive manufactured heat conduction design
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Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 332, 408-439, 2018
Proportional topology optimization: a new non-sensitivity method for solving stress constrained and minimum compliance problems and its implementation in MATLAB
E Biyikli, AC To
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Variation of hardness, microstructure, and Laves phase distribution in direct laser deposited alloy 718 cuboids
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Materials & design 119, 188-198, 2017
Biomimetic staggered composites with highly enhanced energy dissipation: Modeling, 3D printing, and testing
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Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids 83, 285-300, 2015
Broadband wave filtering of bioinspired hierarchical phononic crystal
P Zhang, AC To
Applied physics letters 102 (12), 2013
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