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Qinghua Yang
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Young Chinese consumers’ snob and bandwagon luxury consumption preferences
WS Tsai, Q Yang, Y Liu
Journal of International Consumer Marketing 25 (5), 290-304, 2013
Are social networking sites making health behavior change interventions more effective? A meta-analytic review
Q Yang
Journal of health communication 22 (3), 223-233, 2017
What’s on the other side of the great firewall? Chinese Web users’ motivations for bypassing the Internet censorship
Q Yang, Y Liu
Computers in human behavior 37, 249-257, 2014
A meta-analytic review of health information credibility Belief in physicians or belief in peers?
Q Yang, M Beatty
Health Information Management Journal 45 (2), 80-89, 2016
The comparative effectiveness of mobile phone interventions in improving health outcomes: meta-analytic review
Q Yang, SK Van Stee
JMIR mHealth and uHealth 7 (4), e11244, 2019
Does seeking e-cigarette information lead to vaping? Evidence from a national longitudinal survey of youth and young adults
Q Yang, J Liu, K Lochbuehler, R Hornik
Health communication 34 (3), 298-305, 2019
Social support, trust in health information, and health information-seeking behaviors (HISBs): A study using the 2012 Annenberg National Health Communication Survey (ANHCS)
Q Yang, Y Chen, J Wendorf Muhamad
Health communication 32 (9), 1142-1150, 2017
How do perceived descriptive norms influence indoor tanning intentions? An application of the theory of normative social behavior
N Carcioppolo, V Orrego Dunleavy, Q Yang
Health communication 32 (2), 230-239, 2017
Reducing, maintaining, or escalating uncertainty? The development and validation of four uncertainty preference scales related to cancer information seeking and avoidance
N Carcioppolo, F Yang, Q Yang
Journal of health communication 21 (9), 979-988, 2016
Are you satisfied? Exploring the mediating effects of mentoring communication strategies in predicting Chinese international graduate students’ program satisfaction
Q Yang, V Orrego Dunleavy, JR Phillips
Communication Education 65 (2), 182-203, 2016
Mozart or metallica, who makes you more attractive? A mediated moderation test of music, gender, personality, and attractiveness in cyberspace
Q Yang, C Li
Computers in Human Behavior 29 (6), 2796-2804, 2013
Online cancer information seeking: Applying and extending the comprehensive model of information seeking
SK Van Stee, Q Yang
Health communication 33 (12), 1583-1592, 2018
Memorable messages and newcomer socialization on campus: Messages about body image among student athletes, sorority members, and freshmen
V Orrego Dunleavy, Q Yang
Communication Research Reports 32 (3), 225-238, 2015
How is marijuana vaping portrayed on YouTube? Content, features, popularity and retransmission of vaping marijuana YouTube videos
Q Yang, A Sangalang, M Rooney, E Maloney, S Emery, JN Cappella
Journal of health communication 23 (4), 360-369, 2018
A picture is worth a thousand words: Chinese college students’ self-presentation on social networking sites
Q Yang, Z Li
Journal of Communications Media Studies 6 (1), 70-94, 2014
Identifying Potential Campaign Themes to Prevent Youth Initiation of E-Cigarettes
A Sangalang, A Volinsky, J Liu, Q Yang, SJ Lee, LA Gibson, R Hornik
American journal of preventive medicine 56 (2), S65-S75, 2019
How Social Media Exposure to Health Information Influences Chinese People’s Health Protective Behavior during Air Pollution: A Theory of Planned Behavior Perspective
Q Yang, S Wu
Health Communication, 2019
To retweet or not to retweet: Understanding what features of cardiovascular tweets influence their retransmission
Q Yang, C Tufts, L Ungar, S Guntuku, R Merchant
Journal of health communication 23 (12), 1026-1035, 2018
What health-related information flows through you every day? A content analysis of microblog messages on air pollution
QC Yang, F Yang, C Zhou
Health Education, 2015
Understanding consumer animosity in the politicized global market: From the perspective of young transnational consumers
Q Yang, K Snell, WS Tsai
Journal of International Consumer Marketing 27 (3), 220-236, 2015
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