Fatih Dinc
Fatih Dinc
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Exact Markovian and non-Markovian time dynamics in waveguide QED: collective interactions, bound states in continuum, superradiance and subradiance
F Dinc, I Ercan, AM Brańczyk
Quantum 3, 213, 2019
Non-Markovian super-superradiance in a linear chain of up to 100 qubits
F Dinc, AM Brańczyk
Physical Review Research 1 (3), 032042, 2019
A general analytical approximation to impulse response of 3-D microfluidic channels in molecular communication
F Dinc, BC Akdeniz, AE Pusane, T Tugcu
IEEE transactions on nanobioscience 18 (3), 396-403, 2019
Impulse response of the molecular diffusion channel with a spherical absorbing receiver and a spherical reflective boundary
F Dinç, BC Akdeniz, AE Pusane, T Tugcu
IEEE Transactions on Molecular, Biological and Multi-Scale Communications 4 …, 2018
Diagrammatic approach for analytical non-Markovian time evolution: Fermi's two-atom problem and causality in waveguide quantum electrodynamics
F Dinc
Physical Review A 102, 013727, 2020
Analytical derivation of the impulse response for the bounded 2-D diffusion channel
F Dinc, BC Akdeniz, E Erol, D Gokay, E Tekgul, AE Pusane, T Tugcu
Physics Letters A 383 (14), 1589-1600, 2019
Multidimensional super- and subradiance in waveguide quantum electrodynamics
F Dinc, LE Hayward, AM Brańczyk
Physical Review Research 2 (4), 2020
The effective geometry Monte Carlo algorithm: Applications to molecular communication
F Dinc, L Thiele, BC Akdeniz
Physics Letters A 383 (22), 2594-2603, 2019
Quantum mechanical treatment of two-level atoms coupled to continuum with an ultraviolet cutoff
F Dinç, İ Ercan
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 51 (35), 355301, 2018
Effective Geometry Monte Carlo: A Fast and Reliable Simulation Framework for Molecular Communication
F Dinç, M Medvidović, L Thiele
IEEE Access 7, 28635-28650, 2019
Analytical estimation for the impulse response of an n-dimensional diffusion channel with an absorbing receiver
F Dinc
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 52 (11), 11LT01, 2019
Increased yield of MoS2 monolayer exfoliation through the bimetallic corrosion of aluminum
F Dinc, O Ertop, BG Sonmez, P Zhao, AN Raegen, JA Forrest, S Mutlu
Applied Physics Letters 113 (21), 213101, 2018
Single photon two-level atom interactions in 1-D dielectric waveguide: quantum mechanical formalism and applications
F Dinç, İ Ercan
Optical and Quantum Electronics 50 (11), 1-18, 2018
Fast and statistically robust cell extraction from large-scale neural calcium imaging datasets
H Inan, C Schmuckermair, T Tasci, B Ahanonu, O Hernandez, J Lecoq, ...
bioRxiv, 2021
Optimal storage time for qubits coupled to a one-dimensional waveguide
TC Yuce, F Dinc, AM Brańczyk
arXiv preprint arXiv:2006.14020, 2020
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