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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Cardiac, skeletal muscle and serum irisin responses to with or without water exercise in young and old male rats: cardiac muscle produces more irisin than skeletal muscle
S Aydin, T Kuloglu, S Aydin, MN Eren, A Celik, M Yilmaz, M Kalayci, ...
Peptides 52, 68-73, 2014
A comprehensive immunohistochemical examination of the distribution of the fat-burning protein irisin in biological tissues
S Aydin, T Kuloglu, S Aydin, M Kalayci, M Yilmaz, T Cakmak, S Albayrak, ...
Peptides 61, 130-136, 2014
Alterations of irisin concentrations in saliva and serum of obese and normal-weight subjects, before and after 45 min of a Turkish bath or running
S Aydin, S Aydin, T Kuloglu, M Yilmaz, M Kalayci, İ Sahin, D Cicek
Peptides 50, 13-18, 2013
Irisin: a potentially candidate marker for myocardial infarction
T Kuloglu, S Aydin, MN Eren, M Yilmaz, I Sahin, M Kalayci, E Sarman, ...
Peptides 55, 85-91, 2014
Expression of adropin in rat brain, cerebellum, kidneys, heart, liver, and pancreas in streptozotocin-induced diabetes
S Aydin, T Kuloglu, S Aydin, MN Eren, M Yilmaz, M Kalayci, I Sahin, ...
Molecular and cellular biochemistry 380 (1), 73-81, 2013
Today's and yesterday's of pathophysiology: biochemistry of metabolic syndrome and animal models
S Aydin, A Aksoy, S Aydin, M Kalayci, M Yilmaz, T Kuloglu, C Citil, Z Catak
Nutrition 30 (1), 1-9, 2014
Protective effects of nanostructures of hydrated C60 fullerene on reproductive function in streptozotocin-diabetic male rats
R Bal, G Türk, M Tuzcu, O Yilmaz, I Ozercan, T Kuloglu, S Gür, ...
Toxicology 282 (3), 69-81, 2011
Insecticide imidacloprid induces morphological and DNA damage through oxidative toxicity on the reproductive organs of developing male rats
R Bal, M Naziroğlu, G Türk, Ö Yilmaz, T Kuloğlu, E Etem, G Baydas
Cell biochemistry and function 30 (6), 492-499, 2012
Copeptin, adropin and irisin concentrations in breast milk and plasma of healthy women and those with gestational diabetes mellitus
S Aydin, T Kuloglu, S Aydin
Peptides 47, 66-70, 2013
Decreased saliva/serum irisin concentrations in the acute myocardial infarction promising for being a new candidate biomarker for diagnosis of this pathology
S Aydin, S Aydin, MA Kobat, M Kalayci, MN Eren, M Yilmaz, T Kuloglu, ...
Peptides 56, 141-145, 2014
Assessment of imidacloprid toxicity on reproductive organ system of adult male rats
R Bal, G Türk, M Tuzcu, O Yilmaz, T Kuloglu, R Gundogdu, S Gür, A Agca, ...
Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part B 47 (5), 434-444, 2012
Effects of clothianidin exposure on sperm quality, testicular apoptosis and fatty acid composition in developing male rats
R Bal, G Türk, Ö Yılmaz, E Etem, T Kuloğlu, G Baydaş, M Naziroğlu
Cell biology and toxicology 28 (3), 187-200, 2012
Irisin immunohistochemistry in gastrointestinal system cancers
S Aydin, T Kuloglu, MR Ozercan, S Albayrak, S Aydin, U Bakal, M Yilmaz, ...
Biotechnic & Histochemistry 91 (4), 242-250, 2016
Regulatory neuropeptides (ghrelin, obestatin and nesfatin-1) levels in serum and reproductive tissues of female and male rats with fructose-induced metabolic syndrome
Z Catak, S Aydin, İ Sahin, T Kuloglu, A Aksoy, AF Dagli
Neuropeptides 48 (3), 167-177, 2014
Immunohistochemical expressions of adropin and ınducible nitric oxide synthase in renal tissues of rats with streptozotocin-ınduced experimental diabetes
T Kuloglu, S Aydin
Biotechnic & Histochemistry 89 (2), 104-110, 2014
Hepatotoxic activity of toluene inhalation and protective role of melatonin
U Tas, M Ogeturk, S Meydan, I Kus, T Kuloglu, N Ilhan, E Kose, ...
Toxicology and Industrial Health 27 (5), 465-473, 2011
Effect of carnosine, methylprednisolone and their combined application on irisin levels in the plasma and brain of rats with acute spinal cord injury
S Albayrak, İB Atci, M Kalayci, M Yilmaz, T Kuloglu, S Aydin, M Kom, ...
Neuropeptides 52, 47-54, 2015
Effects of resveratrol on blood homocysteine level, on homocysteine induced oxidative stress, apoptosis and cognitive dysfunctions in rats
ST Koz, EO Etem, G Baydas, H Yuce, HI Ozercan, T Kuloğlu, S Koz, ...
Brain research 1484, 29-38, 2012
High cardiac troponin I plasma concentration in a calf with myocarditis
T Karapinar, DO Dabak, T Kuloglu, H Bulut
The Canadian Veterinary Journal 51 (4), 397, 2010
Elevated adropin: a candidate diagnostic marker for myocardial infarction in conjunction with troponin-I
S Aydin, T Kuloglu, S Aydin, M Kalayci, M Yilmaz, T Çakmak, MN Eren
Peptides 58, 91-97, 2014
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