Abolfazl (Kouros) Mohammadian
Abolfazl (Kouros) Mohammadian
Professor, Department of Civil, Materials, and Environmental Eng., University of Illinois Chicago
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
An automated GPS-based prompted recall survey with learning algorithms
J Auld, C Williams, A Mohammadian, P Nelson
Transportation Letters 1 (1), 59-79, 2009
Activity planning processes in the Agent-based Dynamic Activity Planning and Travel Scheduling (ADAPTS) model
J Auld, AK Mohammadian
Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice 46 (8), 1386-1403, 2012
Empirical investigation of household vehicle type choice decisions
A Mohammadian, EJ Miller
Transportation Research Record 1854 (1), 99-106, 2003
Framework for the development of the agent-based dynamic activity planning and travel scheduling (ADAPTS) model
J Auld, A Mohammadian
Transportation Letters 1 (3), 245-255, 2009
Dynamic modeling of household automobile transactions
A Mohammadian, EJ Miller
Transportation Research Record 1831 (1), 98-105, 2003
A behavioral housing search model: Two-stage hazard-based and multinomial logit approach to choice-set formation and location selection
TH Rashidi, J Auld, AK Mohammadian
Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice 46 (7), 1097-1107, 2012
A behavioral analysis of freight mode choice decisions
A Samimi, K Kawamura, A Mohammadian
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Nested logit models and artificial neural networks for predicting household automobile choices: comparison of performance
A Mohammadian, EJ Miller
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Toward safer highways, application of XGBoost and SHAP for real-time accident detection and feature analysis
AB Parsa, A Movahedi, H Taghipour, S Derrible, AK Mohammadian
Accident Analysis & Prevention 136, 105405, 2020
Eliciting preferences for adoption of fully automated vehicles using best-worst analysis
R Shabanpour, N Golshani, A Shamshiripour, AK Mohammadian
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Efficient methodology for generating synthetic populations with multiple control levels
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Modeling travel mode and timing decisions: Comparison of artificial neural networks and copula-based joint model
N Golshani, R Shabanpour, SM Mahmoudifard, S Derrible, ...
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Modeling activity scheduling time horizon: duration of time between planning and execution of pre-planned activities
A Mohammadian, ST Doherty
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Shared versus private mobility: Modeling public interest in autonomous vehicles accounting for latent attitudes
F Nazari, M Noruzoliaee, AK Mohammadian
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S Yagi, AK Mohammadian
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Effects of transportation and built environment on general health and obesity
A Samimi, AK Mohammadian, S Madanizadeh
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Urban Travel Route and Activity Choice Survey (UTRACS): An Internet-Based Prompted Recall Activity Travel Survey using GPS Data. Paper submitted for presentation at the 89th …
MJA Frignani, K Auld, CW Mohammadian, P Nelson
Transportation research record 2183 (1), 19-28, 2010, 2010
Using structural equations modeling to unravel the influence of land use patterns on travel behavior of workers in Montreal
JA e Silva, C Morency, KG Goulias
Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice 46 (8), 1252-1264, 2012
Modeling interdependencies between vehicle transaction, residential relocation and job change
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A behavioral freight movement microsimulation model: method and data
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Transportation Letters 2 (1), 53-62, 2010
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