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Abdelmalik Ibrahim Khalafalla
Abdelmalik Ibrahim Khalafalla
Professor of Veterinary Virology, Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA), UAE
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
MERS-CoV in upper respiratory tract and lungs of dromedary camels, Saudi Arabia, 2013–2014
AI Khalafalla, X Lu, AIA Al-Mubarak, AHS Dalab, KAS Al-Busadah, ...
Emerging infectious diseases 21 (7), 1153, 2015
Zoonotic origin and transmission of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus in the UAE
CR Paden, M Yusof, ZM Al Hammadi, K Queen, Y Tao, YM Eltahir, ...
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Human and dromedary camel infection with camelpox virus in Eastern Sudan
AI Khalafalla, F Abdelazim
Vector-Borne and Zoonotic Diseases 17 (4), 281-284, 2017
Diversity of Middle East respiratory syndrome coronaviruses in 109 dromedary camels based on full-genome sequencing, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
MF Yusof, K Queen, YM Eltahir, CR Paden, ZMAH Al Hammadi, Y Tao, ...
Emerging microbes & infections 6 (1), 1-10, 2017
A study on some reproductive disorders in dromedary camel herds in Saudi Arabia with special references to uterine infections and abortion
AI Khalafalla, MM Al Eknah, M Abdelaziz, IM Ghoneim
Tropical animal health and production 49, 967-974, 2017
Lumpy skin disease: observations on
A Khalafalla
Revue Élev. Méd. vét. Pays trop 46 (4), 548-550, 1993
Clinical and epizootiological features of camelpox in Eastern Sudan.
AI Khalafalla, MEH Mohamed
Identification of diverse viruses in upper respiratory samples in dromedary camels from United Arab Emirates
Y Li, AI Khalafalla, CR Paden, MF Yusof, YM Eltahir, ZM Al Hammadi, ...
PloS one 12 (9), e0184718, 2017
Characterization of the complete genomes of Camelus dromedarius papillomavirus types 1 and 2
AE Ure, AK Elfadl, AI Khalafalla, AAR Gameel, J Dillner, O Forslund
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Risk factors for MERS-CoV seropositivity among animal market and slaughterhouse workers, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 2014–2017
A Khudhair, ME Killerby, M Al Mulla, K Abou Elkheir, W Ternanni, ...
Emerging Infectious Diseases 25 (5), 927, 2019
Camel pox in the Sudan: Part 1. Isolation and identification of the causative virus
AI Khalafalla, MEM Mohamed, BH Ali
Journal of camel Practice and Research 5 (2), 229-233, 1998
Laboratory and field investigations of a live attenuated and an inactivated camelpox vaccine.
AI Khalafalla, GA El-Dirdiri
Expanding diversity of susceptible hosts in peste des petits ruminants virus infection and its potential mechanism beyond
Y Dou, Z Liang, M Prajapati, R Zhang, Y Li, Z Zhang
Frontiers in veterinary science 7, 66, 2020
Phylogenetic analysis of eight sudanese camel contagious ecthyma viruses based on B2L gene sequence
AI Khalafalla, IM El-Sabagh, KA Al-Busada, AI Al-Mubarak, YH Ali
Virology Journal 12, 1-9, 2015
Field investigation and phylogenetic characterization of orf virus (ORFV) circulating in small ruminants and Pseudocowpoxvirus (PCPV) in dromedary camels of eastern Sudan
AI Khalafalla, AE Elhag, HZA Ishag
Heliyon 6 (3), 2020
Identification of a novel lineage of Crimean–Congo haemorrhagic fever virus in dromedary camels, United Arab Emirates
AI Khalafalla, Y Li, A Uehara, NA Hussein, J Zhang, Y Tao, E Bergeron, ...
Journal of General Virology 102 (2), 001473, 2021
Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) for rapid diagnosis and differentiation of Parapoxvirus and Orthopoxvirus infections in camels
AI Khalafalla, M Büttner, HJ Rziha
Applications of gene-based technologies for improving animal production and …, 2005
Multiplex PCR for rapid diagnosis and differentiation of pox and pox-like diseases in dromedary Camels
AI Khalafalla, KA Al-Busada, IM El-Sabagh
Virology Journal 12, 1-10, 2015
Serum biochemical profile and molecular detection of pathogens in semen of infertile male dromedary camels (Camelus dromedarius)
KA Al-Busadah, SM El-Bahr, AI Khalafalla
Animal reproduction science 180, 58-65, 2017
Emerging infectious diseases in camelids
AI Khalafalla
Emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases of livestock, 425-441, 2017
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