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Arun G. Chandrasekhar
Arun G. Chandrasekhar
Assistant Professor of Economics, Stanford University
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The diffusion of microfinance
A Banerjee, AG Chandrasekhar, E Duflo, MO Jackson
Science 341 (6144), 2013
Using gossips to spread information: Theory and evidence from two randomized controlled trials
A Banerjee, AG Chandrasekhar, E Duflo, MO Jackson
The Review of Economic Studies 86 (6), 2453-2490, 2019
Econometrics of sampled networks
A Chandrasekhar, R Lewis
Unpublished manuscript, MIT.[422], 2011
Testing models of social learning on networks: Evidence from two experiments
AG Chandrasekhar, H Larreguy, JP Xandri
Econometrica 88 (1), 1-32, 2020
A network formation model based on subgraphs
AG Chandrasekhar, MO Jackson
Available at SSRN 2660381, 2016
Network structure and the aggregation of information: Theory and evidence from Indonesia
V Alatas, A Banerjee, AG Chandrasekhar, R Hanna, BA Olken
American Economic Review 106 (7), 1663-1704, 2016
Social Networks as Contract Enforcement: Evidence from a Lab Experiment in the Field
AG Chandrasekhar, C Kinnan, H Larreguy
Econometrics of network formation
A Chandrasekhar
The Oxford Handbook of the Economics of Networks, 303-357, 2016
Social networks, reputation, and commitment: evidence from a savings monitors experiment
E Breza, AG Chandrasekhar
Econometrica 87 (1), 175-216, 2019
Using aggregated relational data to feasibly identify network structure without network data
E Breza, AG Chandrasekhar, TH McCormick, M Pan
American Economic Review 110 (8), 2454-84, 2020
Changes in social network structure in response to exposure to formal credit markets
A Banerjee, E Breza, AG Chandrasekhar, E Duflo, MO Jackson, C Kinnan
National Bureau of Economic Research, 2021
Messages on COVID-19 prevention in India increased symptoms reporting and adherence to preventive behaviors among 25 million recipients with similar effects on non-recipient …
A Banerjee, M Alsan, E Breza, AG Chandrasekhar, A Chowdhury, E Duflo, ...
National Bureau of Economic Research, 2020
Comparison of knowledge and information-seeking behavior after general COVID-19 public health messages and messages tailored for black and latinx communities: a randomized …
M Alsan, FC Stanford, A Banerjee, E Breza, AG Chandrasekhar, ...
Annals of internal medicine 174 (4), 484-492, 2021
Designing Effective Public Health Messaging: Results from a Nationwide Twitter Experiment in Indonesia
A Vivi, AG Chandrasekhar, M Mobius, BA Olken, C Paladines
Signaling, shame, and silence in social learning
AG Chandrasekhar, B Golub, H Yang
National Bureau of Economic Research, 2018
When less is more: Experimental evidence on information delivery during India's demonetization
A Banerjee, E Breza, AG Chandrasekhar, B Golub
National Bureau of Economic Research, 2018
Network centrality and informal institutions: Evidence from a lab experiment in the field
E Breza, A Chandrasekhar, H Larreguy
Mimeo, 2015
Naive learning with uninformed agents
A Banerjee, E Breza, AG Chandrasekhar, M Mobius
American Economic Review 111 (11), 3540-74, 2021
Best linear approximations to set identified functions: with an application to the gender wage gap
AG Chandrasekhar, V Chernozhukov, F Molinari, P Schrimpf
National Bureau of Economic Research, 2019
Social Investments, Informal Risk Sharing, and Inequality
M Elliott, A Chandrasekhar, A Ambrus
2015 Meeting Papers, 2015
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