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László Nánai
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Laser-assisted metal deposition from liquid-phase precursors on polymers
K Kordás, J Békési, R Vajtai, L Nánai, S Leppävuori, A Uusimäki, K Bali, ...
Applied surface science 172 (1-2), 178-189, 2001
Laser direct writing of copper on polyimide surfaces from solution
K Kordás, K Bali, S Leppävuori, A Uusimäki, L Nánai
Applied Surface Science 154, 399-404, 2000
Liver repair and hemorrhage control by using laser soldering of liquid albumin in a porcine model
Y Wadia, H Xie, M Kajitani
Lasers in Surgery and Medicine: The Official Journal of the American Society …, 2000
Structural and optical properties of pulsed laser deposited V2O5 thin films
S Beke, S Giorgio, L Kőrösi, L Nanai, W Marine
Thin Solid Films 516 (15), 4659-4664, 2008
Enhancement of exciton emission from ZnO nanocrystalline films by pulsed laser annealing
I Ozerov, M Arab, VI Safarov, W Marine, S Giorgio, M Sentis, L Nanai
Applied surface science 226 (1-3), 242-248, 2004
Laser-induced oxidation of metals: state of the art
L Nánai, R Vajtai, TF George
Thin Solid Films 298 (1-2), 160-164, 1997
Palladium thin film deposition on polyimide by CW Ar+ laser radiation for electroless copper plating
K Kordás, S Leppävuori, A Uusimäki, TF George, L Nanai, R Vajtai, K Bali, ...
Thin Solid Films 384 (2), 185-188, 2001
Reactive pulsed laser deposition of thin molybdenum-and tungsten-nitride films
M Bereznai, Z Tóth, AP Caricato, M Fernández, A Luches, G Majni, ...
Thin Solid Films 473 (1), 16-23, 2005
XRD and XPS analysis of laser treated vanadium oxide thin films
S Beke, L Kőrösi, S Papp, A Oszkó, L Nánai
Applied surface science 255 (24), 9779-9782, 2009
Laser‐induced metal deposition on semiconductors from liquid electrolytes
L Nánai, I Hevesi, FV Bunkin, BS Luk’yanchuk, MR Brook, GA Shafeev, ...
Applied physics letters 54 (8), 736-738, 1989
Reaction dynamics of CW Ar+ laser induced copper direct writing from liquid electrolyte on polyimide substrates
K Kordas, L Nanai, G Galbacs, A Uusimäki, S Leppävuori, K Bali
Applied surface science 158 (1-2), 127-133, 2000
Laser-assisted selective deposition of nickel patterns on porous silicon substrates
K Kordás, J Remes, S Leppävuori, L Nánai
Applied surface science 178 (1-4), 93-97, 2001
Vanadium oxidation as a result of cw CO2 laser irradiation in atmospheric air
I Ursu, L Nanu, M Dinescu, A Hening, IN Mihailescu, LC Nistor, ...
Applied Physics A 35 (2), 103-108, 1984
Palladium thin film deposition from liquid precursors on polymers by projected excimer beams
K Kordás, L Nánai, K Bali, K Stépán, R Vajtai, TF George, S Leppävuori
Applied surface science 168 (1-4), 66-70, 2000
Laser direct writing of palladium on polyimide surfaces from solution
K Kordás, K Bali, S Leppävuori, A Uusimäki, L Nánai
Applied surface science 152 (3-4), 149-155, 1999
Nd: YAG laser synthesis of nanostructural V2O5 from vanadium oxide sols: Morphological and structural characterizations
S Beke, L Kőrösi, S Papp, L Nánai, A Oszko, JG Kiss, V Safarov
Applied Surface Science 254 (5), 1363-1368, 2007
Laser-assisted formation of metallic oxide microtubes
L Nánai, TF George
Journal of materials research 12 (1), 283-284, 1997
Nickel deposition on porous silicon utilizing lasers
K Kordás, S Leppävuori, J Békési, L Nánai, J Remes, R Vajtai, S Szatmári
Applied surface science 186 (1-4), 232-236, 2002
AIP Conference Proceedings
YP Ivanov, BZ Kopeliovich, AV Tarasov, J Hüfner
conference, 2003
On the characteristics of the oxidation of vanadium effected by a continuous beam of laser light
FV Bunkin, NA Kirichenko, BS Lukyanchuk, AV Simakhin, GA Shafeev, ...
Acta Physica Hungarica 54 (1-2), 111-118, 1983
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