Mehmet Akif Ezan
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Experimental study on charging and discharging periods of water in a latent heat storage unit
MA Ezan, M Ozdogan, A Erek
International Journal of Thermal Sciences 50 (11), 2205-2219, 2011
Experimental and numerical study on charging processes of an ice‐on‐coil thermal energy storage system
A Erek, M Akif Ezan
International journal of energy research 31 (2), 158-176, 2007
Thermal performance of a nanofluid-based flat plate solar collector: A transient numerical study
AM Genc, MA Ezan, A Turgut
Applied Thermal Engineering 130, 395-407, 2018
Thermal properties of myristic acid/graphite nanoplates composite phase change materials
Ş İnce, Y Seki, MA Ezan, A Turgut, A Erek
Renewable Energy 75, 243-248, 2015
Energy and exergy analyses of an ice-on-coil thermal energy storage system
MA Ezan, A Erek, I Dincer
Energy 36 (11), 6375-6386, 2011
Energetic and exergetic analysis and assessment of a thermal energy storage (TES) unit for building applications
MA Ezan, M Ozdogan, H Gunerhan, A Erek, A Hepbasli
Energy and Buildings 42 (10), 1896-1901, 2010
Progress in clean energy
I Dincer, CO Colpan, O Kizilkan, MA Ezan
Novel Systems and Applications 2, 2015
Measurement of heat capacity and thermal conductivity of HDPE/expanded graphite nanocomposites by differential scanning calorimetry
I Tavman, Y Aydogdu, M Kök, A Turgut, A Ezan
Archives of materials science and engineering 50 (1), 56-60, 2011
Graphite nanoplates loading into eutectic mixture of Adipic acid and Sebacic acid as phase change material
Y Seki, Ş İnce, MA Ezan, A Turgut, A Erek
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 140, 457-463, 2015
Experimental and numerical investigation of natural convection in a double skin facade
T İnan, T Başaran, MA Ezan
Applied Thermal Engineering 106, 1225-1235, 2016
Development and evaluation of graphite nanoplate (GNP)‐based phase change material for energy storage applications
Y Seki, S Ince, MA Ezan, A Turgut, A Erek
International Journal of Energy Research 39 (5), 696-708, 2015
Importance of natural convection on numerical modelling of the building integrated PVP/PCM systems
MA Ezan, C Yüksel, E Alptekin, A Yılancı
Solar Energy 159, 616-627, 2018
Numerical investigation of transient natural convection heat transfer of freezing water in a square cavity
MA Ezan, M Kalfa
International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow 61, 438-448, 2016
A numerical study on the usage of phase change material (PCM) to prolong compressor off period in a beverage cooler
MA Ezan, EO Doganay, FE Yavuz, IH Tavman
Energy conversion and management 142, 95-106, 2017
Experimental assessment of energy storage via variable speed compressor
O Ekren, MA Ezan, A Erek
International journal of refrigeration 34 (6), 1424-1435, 2011
Ice thickness measurement method for thermal energy storage unit
MA Ezan, L Cetin, A Erek
Journal of Thermal Science and Technology 31 (1), 1-10, 2011
Effect of siloxane treatment of jute fabric on the mechanical and thermal properties of jute/HDPE
Y Seki, M Sarıkanat, MA Ezan
Journal of Reinforced Plastics and Composites 31 (15), 1009-1016, 2012
Heat Storage: A Unique Solution for Energy Systems
I Dincer, MA Ezan
Springer, 2018
Flow and heat transfer characteristics of an empty refrigerated container
E Alptekin, MA Ezan, N Kayansayan
Progress in Exergy, Energy, and the Environment, 641-652, 2014
A Study on the Importance of Natural Convection During Solidification in Rectangular Geometry
M Akif Ezan, A Erek, I Dincer
Journal of heat transfer 133 (10), 2011
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