Dilip Datta
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Single row facility layout problem using a permutation-based genetic algorithm
D Datta, ARS Amaral, JR Figueira
European Journal of Operational Research 213 (2), 388-394, 2011
A binary-real-coded differential evolution for unit commitment problem
D Datta, S Dutta
International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems 42 (1), 517-524, 2012
Multi-objective evolutionary algorithm for land-use management problem
D Datta, K Deb, CM Fonseca, F Lobo, P Condado
International Journal of Computational Intelligence Research 3 (4), 1-24, 2007
Multi-objective optimization in partitioning the healthcare system of Parana State in Brazil
MTA Steiner, D Datta, PJS Neto, CT Scarpin, JR Figueira
Omega 52, 53-64, 2015
Unit commitment problem with ramp rate constraint using a binary-real-coded genetic algorithm
D Datta
Applied Soft Computing 13 (9), 3873-3883, 2013
A real-integer-discrete-coded particle swarm optimization for design problems
D Datta, JR Figueira
Applied Soft Computing 11 (4), 3625-3633, 2011
Process parameter optimization of plastic injection molding: a review
S Kashyap, D Datta
International Journal of Plastics Technology 19 (1), 1-18, 2015
A real–integer–discrete-coded differential evolution
D Datta, JR Figueira
Applied Soft Computing 13 (9), 3884-3893, 2013
Multi-objective evolutionary algorithm for university class timetabling problem
D Datta, K Deb, CM Fonseca
Evolutionary scheduling, 197-236, 2007
A multi-objective evolutionary algorithm to exploit the similarities of resource allocation problems
D Datta, CM Fonseca, K Deb
Journal of Scheduling 11 (6), 405-419, 2008
Graph partitioning by multi-objective real-valued metaheuristics: A comparative study
D Datta, JR Figueira
Applied soft computing 11 (5), 3976-3987, 2011
Multi-objective hardware–software partitioning of embedded systems: A case study of JPEG encoder
PK Nath, D Datta
Applied Soft Computing 15, 30-41, 2014
Multi-objective evolutionary algorithms for resource allocation problems
D Datta, K Deb, CM Fonseca
International Conference on Evolutionary Multi-Criterion Optimization, 401-416, 2007
Solving class timetabling problem of IIT Kanpur using multi-objective evolutionary algorithm
D Datta, K Deb, CM Fonseca
KanGAL, Report 2006006, 1-10, 2006
Solving the bi-objective corridor allocation problem using a permutation-based genetic algorithm
Z Kalita, D Datta
Computers & operations research 52, 123-134, 2014
Spatial aggregation and compactness of census areas with a multiobjective genetic algorithm: a case study in Canada
D Datta, J Malczewski, JR Figueira
Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design 39 (2), 376-392, 2012
Graph partitioning through a multi-objective evolutionary algorithm: A preliminary study
D Datta, JR Figueira, CM Fonseca, F Tavares-Pereira
proceedings of the 10th annual conference on genetic and evolutionary …, 2008
Optimal administrative geographies: an algorithmic approach
D Datta, JR Figueira, AM Gourtani, A Morton
Socio-Economic Planning Sciences 47 (3), 247-257, 2013
Some convergence-based M-ary cardinal metrics for comparing performances of multi-objective optimizers
D Datta, JR Figueira
Computers & Operations Research 39 (7), 1754-1762, 2012
Tuning process parameters of electrochemical machining using a multi-objective genetic algorithm: A preliminary study
D Datta, AK Das
Asia-Pacific Conference on Simulated Evolution and Learning, 485-493, 2010
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