Krishna Murthy Gurumurthy, Ph.D.
Krishna Murthy Gurumurthy, Ph.D.
Computational Transportation Engineer, Argonne National Laboratory üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip - Ana Sayfa
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Congestion Pricing in a World of Self-Driving Vehicles: An Analysis of Different Strategies in Alternative Future Scenarios
MD Simoni, KM Kockelman, KM Gurumurthy, J Bischoff
Transportation Research Part C 98, 167-185, 2019
Analyzing the Dynamic Ride-Sharing Potential for Shared Autonomous Vehicle Fleets Using Cellphone Data from Orlando, Florida
KM Gurumurthy, KM Kockelman
Computers, Environment and Urban Systems 71, 177-185, 2018
Modeling Americans' Autonomous Vehicle Preferences: A Focus on Dynamic Ride-Sharing, Privacy & Long-Distance Mode Choices
KM Gurumurthy, KM Kockelman
Technological Forecasting and Social Change 150 (119792), 2020
Benefits and Costs of Ride-Sharing in Shared Automated Vehicles across Austin, Texas: Opportunities for Congestion Pricing
KM Gurumurthy, KM Kockelman, MD Simoni
Transportation Research Record 2673 (6), 548-556, 2019
Impact of vehicle automation and electric propulsion on production costs for mobility services worldwide
H Becker, F Becker, R Abe, S Bekhor, PF Belgiawan, J Compostella, ...
Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice 138, 105-126, 2020
Integrating supply and demand perspectives for a large-scale simulation of shared autonomous vehicles
KM Gurumurthy, F de Souza, A Enam, J Auld
Transportation Research Record 2674 (7), 181-192, 2020
Shared autonomous vehicle fleet performance: Impacts of trip densities and parking limitations
H Yan, KM Kockelman, KM Gurumurthy
Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment 89, 102577, 2020
Sharing vehicles and sharing rides in real-time: Opportunities for self-driving fleets
KM Gurumurthy, KM Kockelman, BJ Loeb
The Sharing Economy and the Relevance for Transport 4, 59-85, 2019
First-Mile-Last-Mile Collector-Distributor System using Shared Autonomous Mobility
KM Gurumurthy, KM Kockelman, N Zuniga-Garcia
Transportation Research Record, 0361198120936267, 2019
An Optimization-based Strategy for Shared Autonomous Vehicle Fleet Repositioning.
F de Souza, KM Gurumurthy, J Auld, KM Kockelman
VEHITS, 370-376, 2020
Perceptions and preferences of autonomous and shared autonomous vehicles: a focus on dynamic ride-sharing
KM Gurumurthy
How Much Does Greater Trip Demand and Aggregation at Stops Improve Dynamic Ride-Sharing in Shared Autonomous Vehicle Systems?
KM Gurumurthy, KM Kockelman
Preprint at https://www. researchgate. net/publication/343451580, 2020
A repositioning method for shared autonomous vehicles operation
F de Souza, KM Gurumurthy, J Auld, KM Kockelman
Procedia Computer Science 170, 791-798, 2020
Phase 2-Bringing Smart Transport to Texans: Ensuring the Benefits of a Connected and Autonomous Transport System in Texas
K Kockelman, S Boyles, C Claudel, P Stone, L Loftus-Otway, P Sturgeon, ...
Vehicle-type dependent car following model using spring-mass-damper dynamics for heterogeneous traffic
CR Munigety, PA Gupta, KM Gurumurthy, S Peeta, TV Mathew
Transportation Research Board 95th Annual MeetingTransportation Research Board, 2016
Development of microscopic simulation model for bidirectional mixed traffic on urban roads
PB Kotagi, G Asaithambi, KM Gurumurthy
Transportation Research Board 97th Annual MeetingTransportation Research Board, 2018
Best practices for modifying transportation design, planning, and project evaluation in Texas.
K Kockelman, L Loftus-Otway, D Stewart, A Nichols, W Wagner, S Boyles, ...
University of Texas at Austin. Center for Transportation Research, 2017
Modelling Animal-Vehicle Collision Counts across Large Networks Using a Bayesian Hierarchical Model with Time-Varying Parameters
KM Gurumurthy, Z Li, KM Kockelman, P Bansal
arXiv preprint arXiv:2104.02289, 2021
Shared autonomous vehicle system designs for major metro areas: an examination of geofencing, ride-sharing, stop-location, and drivetrain decisions
KM Gurumurthy
Strategic Charging of Shared Fully-Automated Electric Vehicle (SAEV) Fleets in a Large-Scale Model
KM Gurumurthy, MD Dean, KM Kockelman
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