Spyros Diplas
Spyros Diplas
Research Manager SINTEF, Associate Professor UiO
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
XPS characterisation of in situ treated lanthanum oxide and hydroxide using tailored charge referencing and peak fitting procedures
MF Sunding, K Hadidi, S Diplas, OM Løvvik, TE Norby, AE Gunnæs
Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 184 (7), 399-409, 2011
Fischer–Tropsch synthesis: Cobalt particle size and support effects on intrinsic activity and product distribution
Ø Borg, PDC Dietzel, AI Spjelkavik, EZ Tveten, JC Walmsley, S Diplas, ...
Journal of Catalysis 259 (2), 161-164, 2008
Corrosion of stainless steel 316L in simulated formation water environment with CO2–H2S–Cl−
W He, OØ Knudsen, S Diplas
Corrosion science 51 (12), 2811-2819, 2009
Covalent attachment of a bioactive hyperbranched polymeric layer to titanium surface for the biomimetic growth of calcium phosphates
D Tsiourvas, A Tsetsekou, M Arkas, S Diplas, E Mastrogianni
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Medicine 22 (1), 85-96, 2011
Elemental distribution and oxygen deficiency of magnetron sputtered indium tin oxide films
A Thøgersen, M Rein, E Monakhov, J Mayandi, S Diplas
Journal of Applied Physics 109 (11), 113532, 2011
Surface passivation and interface reactions induced by hydrogen peroxide treatment of -type ZnO
R Schifano, EV Monakhov, BG Svensson, S Diplas
Applied Physics Letters 94 (13), 132101, 2009
Dispersibility of silane‐functionalized alumina nanoparticles in syndiotactic polypropylene
LT Truong, Å Larsen, B Holme, S Diplas, FK Hansen, J Roots, ...
Surface and Interface Analysis 42 (6‐7), 1046-1049, 2010
Cubic silicon carbide as a potential photovoltaic material
M Syväjärvi, Q Ma, V Jokubavicius, A Galeckas, J Sun, X Liu, M Jansson, ...
Solar Energy Materials and Solar Cells 145, 104-108, 2016
Nano-structural properties of ZnO films for Si based heterojunction solar cells
TH Breivik, S Diplas, AG Ulyashin, AE Gunnæs, BR Olaisen, DN Wright, ...
Thin Solid Films 515 (24), 8479-8483, 2007
Reference data set of volcanic ash physicochemical and optical properties
A Vogel, S Diplas, AJ Durant, AS Azar, MF Sunding, WI Rose, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 122 (17), 9485-9514, 2017
Liquid metal embrittlement of aluminium by segregation of trace element gallium
E Senel, JC Walmsley, S Diplas, K Nisancioglu
Corrosion science 85, 167-173, 2014
Combination of characterization techniques for atomic layer deposition MoO3 coatings: From the amorphous to the orthorhombic α-MoO3 crystalline phase
M Diskus, O Nilsen, H Fjellvåg, S Diplas, P Beato, C Harvey, ...
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology A: Vacuum, Surfaces, and Films 30 (1 …, 2012
Heat source management in wire-arc additive manufacturing process for Al-Mg and Al-Si alloys
K Oyama, S Diplas, M M'hamdi, AE Gunnæs, AS Azar
Additive Manufacturing 26, 180-192, 2019
An experimental study of charge distribution in crystalline and amorphous Si nanoclusters in thin silica films
A Thøgersen, S Diplas, J Mayandi, T Finstad, A Olsen, JF Watts, M Mitome, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 103 (2), 024308, 2008
Valence band study of thermoelectric Zintl-phase and : X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and density functional theory
E Flage-Larsen, S Diplas, Ø Prytz, ES Toberer, AF May
Physical Review B 81 (20), 205204, 2010
On the processing–structure–property relationship of ITO layers deposited on crystalline and amorphous Si
S Diplas, A Ulyashin, K Maknys, AE Gunnaes, S Jørgensen, D Wright, ...
Thin Solid Films 515 (24), 8539-8543, 2007
X‐ray photoelectron spectroscopy studies of Ti–Al and Ti–Al–V alloys using Cr Kβ radiation
S Diplas, JF Watts, P Tsakiropoulos, G Shao, G Beamson, JAD Matthew
Surface and Interface Analysis: An International Journal devoted to the …, 2001
Study of alloying behaviour in metastable Mg-Ti solid solutions using Auger parameter measurements and charge-transfer calculations
T Mitchell, S Diplas, P Tsakiropoulos, JF Watts, JAD Matthew
Philosophical Magazine A 82 (4), 841-855, 2002
Calculations of charge transfer in Nb–17Al and V–50Al alloys, using the Auger parameter
S Diplas, G Shao, SA Morton, P Tsakiropoulos, JF Watts
Intermetallics 7 (8), 937-946, 1999
Development of Mg–V alloys by physical vapour deposition Part 1–Bulk and surface characterisation
S Diplas, P Tsakiropoulos, RMD Brydson
Materials science and technology 14 (7), 689-698, 1998
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