Mitch Griffin
Mitch Griffin
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Business Research Methods (Book Only)
WG Zikmund, JC Carr, M Griffin
Cengage Learning, 2013
Business Research Methods (Book Only)
WG Zikmund, JC Carr, M Griffin
Cengage Learning, 2013
Work and/or fun: measuring hedonic and utilitarian shopping value
BJ Babin, WR Darden, M Griffin
Journal of consumer research 20 (4), 644-656, 1994
How quality, value, image, and satisfaction create loyalty at a Chinese telecom
F Lai, M Griffin, BJ Babin
Journal of business research 62 (10), 980-986, 2009
Modeling consumer satisfaction and word‐of‐mouth: restaurant patronage in Korea
M Laroche, BJ Babin, YK Lee, EJ Kim, M Griffin
Journal of Services Marketing, 2005
Business research methods
C Quinlan, W Zikmund, B Babin, J Carr, M Griffin
South Western Cengage, 2015
The nature of satisfaction: an updated examination and analysis
BJ Babin, M Griffin
Journal of Business research 41 (2), 127-136, 1998
Marketing management: Analysis, planning, implementation and control
P Kotler
Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 1997
Shopping values of Russian consumers: the impact of habituation in a developing economy
M Griffin, BJ Babin, D Modianos
Journal of Retailing 76 (1), 33-52, 2000
An empirical investigation of the impact of negative public publicity on consumer attitudes and intentions
M Griffin, BJ Babin, JS Attaway
ACR North American Advances, 1991
Factors discriminating functional and dysfunctional salesforce turnover
JT Johnson, RW Griffeth, M Griffin
Journal of business & industrial marketing, 2000
Business research methods 7th ed
WG Zikmund, BJ Babin, JC Carr, M Griffin
Thomson/South-Western, 2003
Consumer assessments of responsibility for product-related injuries: The impact of regulations, warnings, and promotional policies
M Griffin, BJ Babin, WR Darden
ACR North American Advances, 1992
Business research methods (ed.)
WG Zikmund, BJ Babin, JC Carr, M Griffin
Thomson/South-Western, Cincinnati, OH, 2003
The role of involvement on millennials' mobile technology behaviors: The moderating impact of status consumption, innovation, and opinion leadership
JK Eastman, R Iyer, S Liao-Troth, DF Williams, M Griffin
Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice 22 (4), 455-470, 2014
A cross-cultural investigation of the materialism construct: Assessing the Richins and Dawson's materialism scale in Denmark, France and Russia
M Griffin, BJ Babin, F Christensen
Journal of Business Research 57 (8), 893-900, 2004
Buyer reactions to ethical beliefs in the retail environment
BJ Babin, M Griffin, JS Boles
Journal of Business Research 57 (10), 1155-1163, 2004
Heresies and sacred cows in scholarly marketing publications
BJ Babin, M Griffin, JF Hair Jr
Journal of Business Research 69 (8), 3133-3138, 2016
Anticipation of injurious consumption outcomes and its impact on consumer attributions of blame
M Griffin, BJ Babin, JS Attaway
Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science 24 (4), 314-327, 1996
Business research methods 7th Edition
WG Zikmund, BJ Babin, JC Carr, M Griffin
CA.: Thompson learning, 2003
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