Katia M Harlé
Katia M Harlé
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Incidental sadness biases social economic decisions in the Ultimatum Game.
KM Harlé, AG Sanfey
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The impact of depression on social economic decision making.
KM Harlé, JJB Allen, AG Sanfey
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The impact of depression on social economic decision making.
KM Harlé, JJB Allen, AG Sanfey
Journal of abnormal psychology 119 (2), 440, 2010
The neural mechanisms of affect infusion in social economic decision-making: a mediating role of the anterior insula
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KM Harlé, AG Sanfey
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Expectations and outcome: The role of Proposer features in the Ultimatum Game
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Executive function in previously institutionalized children
EC Merz, KM Harlé, KG Noble, RB McCall
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JL Gowin, KM Harlé, JL Stewart, M Wittmann, SF Tapert, MP Paulus
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KM Harlé, S Zhang, M Schiff, S Mackey, MP Paulus, AJ Yu
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KM Harlé, D Guo, S Zhang, MP Paulus, AJ Yu
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Unilateral hand contractions produce motivational biases in social economic decision making.
KM Harlé, AG Sanfey
Neuropsychology 29 (1), 76, 2015
Shared gray matter reductions across alcohol use disorder and posttraumatic stress disorder in the anterior cingulate cortex: A dual meta-analysis
R Klaming, KM Harlé, MA Infante, J Bomyea, C Kim, AD Spadoni
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Bayesian computational markers of relapse in methamphetamine dependence
KM Harlé, JY Angela, MP Paulus
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Using optimal control to disambiguate the effect of depression on sensorimotor, motivational and goal-setting functions
H Huang, K Harlé, J Movellan, M Paulus
PLoS one 11 (12), e0167960, 2016
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