A. R. Ruis
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A Tutorial on Epistemic Network Analysis: Analyzing the Structure of Connections in Cognitive, Social, and Interaction Data
DW Shaffer, W Collier, AR Ruis
Journal of Learning Analytics 3 (3), 9-45, 2016
A Novel Paradigm for Engineering Education: Virtual Internships with Individualized Mentoring and Assessment of Engineering Thinking
NC Chesler, AR Ruis, W Collier, Z Swiecki, G Arastoopour, DW Shaffer
Journal of Biomechanical Engineering 137 (2), 024701–1-8, 2015
Epistemic network analysis: A worked example of theory-based learning analytics
DW Shaffer, AR Ruis
Handbook of learning analytics, 175-187, 2017
In search of conversational grain size: Modeling semantic structure using moving stanza windows
AL Siebert-Evenstone, GA Irgens, W Collier, Z Swiecki, AR Ruis, ...
Journal of Learning Analytics 4 (3), 123-139, 2017
Teaching and assessing engineering design thinking with virtual internships and epistemic network analysis
G Arastoopour, DW Shaffer, Z Swiecki, AR Ruis, NC Chesler
International Journal of Engineering Education 32 (2), 2016
The Schism between Medical and Public Health Education: A Historical Perspective
AR Ruis, RN Golden
Academic Medicine 83 (12), 1153-1157, 2008
Technology and the New Professionalization of Teaching
DW Shaffer, P Nash, AR Ruis
Teachers College Record 117 (12), 1-30, 2015
Can We Rely on IRR? Testing the Assumptions of Inter-Rater Reliability
BR Eagan, B Rogers, R Serlin, AR Ruis, GA Irgens, DW Shaffer
Philadelphia, PA: International Society of the Learning Sciences., 2017
"Children with Half-Starved Bodies" and the Assessment of Malnutrition in the United States, 1890–1950
AR Ruis
Bulletin of the History of Medicine 87 (3), 378-406, 2013
The hands and head of a surgeon: Modeling operative competency with multimodal epistemic network analysis
AR Ruis, AA Rosser, C Quandt-Walle, JN Nathwani, DW Shaffer, ...
The American Journal of Surgery 216 (5), 835-840, 2018
Local versus global connection making in discourse
W Collier, AR Ruis, DW Shaffer
Transforming Learning, Empowering Learners: The International Conference of …, 2016
Using epistemic network analysis to identify targets for educational interventions in trauma team communication
S Sullivan, C Warner-Hillard, B Eagan, RJ Thompson, AR Ruis, K Haines, ...
Surgery 163 (4), 938-943, 2018
Analysing computational thinking in collaborative programming: A quantitative ethnography approach
B Wu, Y Hu, AR Ruis, M Wang
Journal of Computer Assisted Learning 35 (3), 421-434, 2019
Eating to Learn, Learning to Eat: The Origins of School Lunch in the United States
AR Ruis
Rutgers University Press, 2017
Authoring Networked Learner Models in Complex Domains
DW Shaffer, AR Ruis, AC Graesser
Design Recommendations for Intelligent Tutoring Systems 3, 179-191, 2015
A network analytic approach to gaze coordination during a collaborative task
S Andrist, AR Ruis, DW Shaffer
Computers in Human Behavior 89, 339-348, 2018
Assessing Individual Contributions to Collaborative Problem Solving: A Network Analysis Approach
Z Swiecki, AR Ruis, C Farrell, DW Shaffer
Computers in Human Behavior, 2019
Finding common ground: A method for measuring recent temporal context in analyses of complex, collaborative thinking
AR Ruis, AL Siebert-Evenstone, R Pozen, BR Eagan, DW Shaffer
Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Computer‐Supported …, 2019
Automating the Detection of Reflection-on-Action
J Saucerman, AR Ruis, DW Shaffer
Journal of Learning Analytics 4 (2), 212-239, 2017
Teaching health care workers to adopt a systems perspective for improved control and prevention of health care–associated infections
AR Ruis, DW Shaffer, DK Shirley, N Safdar
American journal of infection control 44 (11), 1360-1364, 2016
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