Michelle Theus
Michelle Theus
Virginia Tech, ICTAS Center for Engineered Health
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
In vitro hypoxic preconditioning of embryonic stem cells as a strategy of promoting cell survival and functional benefits after transplantation into the ischemic rat brain
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EphB3 limits the expansion of neural progenitor cells in the subventricular zone by regulating p53 during homeostasis and following traumatic brain injury
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Therapeutic Delivery of H2S via COS: Small Molecule and Polymeric Donors with Benign Byproducts
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EphrinBs regulate D-serine synthesis and release in astrocytes
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Z Sun, X Xu, J He, A Murray, M Sun, X Wei, X Wang, E McCoig, E Xie, ...
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Endogenous neural stem/progenitor cells stabilize the cortical microenvironment after traumatic brain injury
KJ Dixon, MH Theus, CM Nelersa, J Mier, LG Travieso, TS Yu, SG Kernie, ...
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Activation of NF-κB in Schwann cells is dispensable for myelination in vivo
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EphrinB3 blocks EphB3 dependence receptor functions to prevent cell death following traumatic brain injury
MH Theus, J Ricard, SJ Glass, LG Travieso, DJ Liebl
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Current protocols in stem cell biology 20 (1), 2D. 8.1-2D. 8.10, 2012
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