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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The relationship between alcohol use and cigarette smoking in a sample of undergraduate college students
MB Reed, R Wang, AM Shillington, JD Clapp, JE Lange
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A failed norms social marketing campaign.
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The relationship of perceptions of alcohol promotion and peer drinking norms to alcohol problems reported by college students.
JD Clapp, AL McDonnell
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Deconstructing contexts of binge drinking among college students
JD Clapp, AM Shillington, LB Segars
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Drunk in public, drunk in private: The relationship between college students, drinking environments and alcohol consumption
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The relationship between social identity, normative information, and college student drinking
MB Reed, JE Lange, JM Ketchie, JD Clapp
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Self-report stability of adolescent substance use: are there differences for gender, ethnicity and age?
AM Shillington, JD Clapp
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Environmental predictors of heavy episodic drinking
JD Clapp, AM Shillington
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Predictors of substance use among homeless youth in San Diego
CA Bousman, EJ Blumberg, AM Shillington, MF Hovell, M Ji, S Lehman, ...
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College student use of Salvia divinorum
JE Lange, MB Reed, JMK Croff, JD Clapp
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Measuring college students' alcohol consumption in natural drinking environments: field methodologies for bars and parties
JD Clapp, MR Holmes, MB Reed, AM Shillington, B Freisthler, JE Lange
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Ideology and social work practice in substance abuse settings
AC Burke, JD Clapp
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JH West, EJ Blumberg, NJ Kelley, L Hill, CL Sipan, KE Schmitz, S Ryan, ...
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Blood alcohol concentrations among bar patrons: A multi-level study of drinking behavior
JD Clapp, MB Reed, JW Min, AM Shillington, JM Croff, MR Holmes, ...
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Person and environment predictors of blood alcohol concentrations: a multi‐level study of college parties
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