Seref Soylu
Seref Soylu
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
The speed of sound and isentropic bulk modulus of biodiesel at 21 C from atmospheric pressure to 35 MPa
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Examination of combustion characteristics and phasing strategies of a natural gas HCCI engine
S Soylu
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Estimation of Turkish road transport emissions
S Soylu
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Prediction of knock limited operating conditions of a natural gas engine
S Soylu
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Electric Vehicles: Modelling and Simulations
S Soylu
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Development of an autoignition submodel for natural gas engines☆
S Soylu, J Van Gerpen
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Development of empirically based burning rate sub-models for a natural gas engine
S Soylu, J Van Gerpen
Energy Conversion and Management 45 (4), 467-481, 2004
Electric vehicles: the benefits and barriers
S Soylu
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The effects of urban driving conditions on the operating characteristics of conventional and hybrid electric city buses
S Soylu
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A survey on electric and hybrid electric vehicle technology
SE de Lucena
Electric Vehicles the Benefits and Barriers, 2013
Autoignition modeling of natural gas for engine modeling programs: an experimental and modeling study
S Soylu
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Simple modeling of combustion for natural gas engines
S Soylu
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Development of PN emission factors for the real world urban driving conditions of a hybrid city bus
S Soylu
Applied Energy 138, 488-495, 2015
Examination of PN emissions and size distributions of a hybrid city bus under real world urban driving conditions
S Soylu
International Journal of Automotive Technology 15 (3), 369-376, 2014
Fuel Effects on the knocking limit of a heavy-duty natural gas engine
S Soylu, J Van Gerpen
SAE Technical Paper, 1998
Supercapacitors as a Power Source in Electrical Vehicles, Book title: Electric Vehicles–The Benefits and Barriers/Book 1, Edited by: Seref Soylu
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Urban Transport and Hybrid Vehicles
S Soylu
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Fueling direct injected diesel engines with 2% biodiesel blend
LG Schumacher, S Soylu, J Van Gerpen, W Wetherell
Applied Engineering in Agriculture 21 (2), 149-152, 2005
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