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Matthieu Ferry, Associate Professor of Earthquake Geology
Matthieu Ferry, Associate Professor of Earthquake Geology
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Active normal faulting in the upper Rhine graben and paleoseismic identification of the 1356 Basel earthquake
M Meghraoui, B Delouis, M Ferry, D Giardini, P Huggenberger, I Spottke, ...
Science 293 (5537), 2070-2073, 2001
Surface ruptures following the 30 October 2016 Mw 6.5 Norcia earthquake, central Italy
Journal of Maps 14 (2), 151-160, 2018
A 48-kyr-long slip rate history for the Jordan Valley segment of the Dead Sea Fault
M Ferry, M Meghraoui, N Abou Karaki, M Al-Taj, H Amoush, S Al-Dhaisat, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 260 (3-4), 394-406, 2007
A database of the coseismic effects following the 30 October 2016 Norcia earthquake in Central Italy
F Villani, R Civico, S Pucci, L Pizzimenti, R Nappi, PM De Martini
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Multiarchive paleoseismic record of late Pleistocene and Holocene strong earthquakes in Switzerland
A Becker, M Ferry, K Monecke, M Schnellmann, D Giardini
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Surface rupture and shallow fault reactivation during the 2019 Mw 4.9 Le Teil earthquake, France
JF Ritz, S Baize, M Ferry, C Larroque, L Audin, B Delouis, E Mathot
Communications Earth & Environment 1 (1), 10, 2020
Active tectonics of the eastern Himalaya: New constraints from the first tectonic geomorphology study in southern Bhutan
T Berthet, JF Ritz, M Ferry, P Pelgay, R Cattin, D Drukpa, R Braucher, ...
Geology 42 (5), 427-430, 2014
Episodic behavior of the Jordan Valley section of the Dead Sea fault inferred from a 14-ka-long integrated catalog of large earthquakes
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Bulletin of the Seismological Society of America 101 (1), 39-67, 2011
The shape of watersheds
T Sassolas-Serrayet, R Cattin, M Ferry
Nature communications 9 (1), 3791, 2018
Palaeoseismology of the North Anatolian Fault near the Marmara Sea: implications for fault segmentation and seismic hazard
T Rockwell, D Ragona, G Seitz, R Langridge, ME Aksoy, G Ucarkus, ...
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Geologic inheritance and earthquake rupture processes: The 1905 M≥ 8 Tsetserleg‐Bulnay strike‐slip earthquake sequence, Mongolia
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M Ferry, M Meghraoui, B Delouis, D Giardini
Geophysical Journal International 160 (2), 554-572, 2005
Paleoseismology of the North Anatolian Fault at Güzelköy (Ganos segment, Turkey): Size and recurrence time of earthquake ruptures west of the Sea of Marmara
M Meghraoui, ME Aksoy, HS Akyüz, M Ferry, A Dikbaş, E Altunel
Geochemistry Geophysics Geosystems 13 (null), Q04005, 2012
First paleoseismic evidence for great surface‐rupturing earthquakes in the Bhutan Himalayas
R Le Roux‐Mallouf, M Ferry, JF Ritz, T Berthet, R Cattin, D Drukpa
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth 121 (10), 7271-7283, 2016
Archaeological sites (tell and road) offset by the dead sea fault in the Amik Basin, southern Turkey
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Rapid response to the M 4.9 earthquake of November 11, 2019 in Le Teil, Lower Rhône Valley, France
C Cornou, JP Ampuero, C Aubert, L Audin, S Baize, J Billant, F Brenguier, ...
Comptes Rendus. Géoscience 353 (S1), 1-23, 2021
Evidence for a wide and gently dipping Main Himalayan Thrust in western Bhutan
R Le Roux-Mallouf, V Godard, R Cattin, M Ferry, J Gyeltshen, JF Ritz, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 42 (9), 3257–3265, 2015
Ground-penetrating radar investigations along the North Anatolian fault near Izmit, Turkey: Constraints on the right-lateral movement and slip history
M Ferry, M Meghraoui, JF Girard, TK Rockwell, O Kozaci, S Akyuz, ...
Geology 32 (1), 85-88, 2004
Horizontal surface-slip distribution through several seismic cycles: The Eastern Bogd fault, Gobi-Altai, Mongolia
R Kurtz, Y Klinger, M Ferry, JF Ritz
Tectonophysics 734, 167-182, 2018
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