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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Eliciting preferences for adoption of fully automated vehicles using best-worst analysis
R Shabanpour, N Golshani, A Shamshiripour, AK Mohammadian
Transportation research part C: emerging technologies 93, 463-478, 2018
Modeling travel mode and timing decisions: Comparison of artificial neural networks and copula-based joint model
N Golshani, R Shabanpour, SM Mahmoudifard, S Derrible, ...
Travel Behaviour and Society 10, 21-32, 2018
Grouped random parameters bivariate probit analysis of perceived and observed aggressive driving behavior: a driving simulation study
MT Sarwar, PC Anastasopoulos, N Golshani, KF Hulme
Analytic methods in accident research 13, 52-64, 2017
Analysis of telecommuting behavior and impacts on travel demand and the environment
R Shabanpour, N Golshani, M Tayarani, J Auld, AK Mohammadian
Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment 62, 563-576, 2018
Wrong-way driving crashes: A random-parameters ordered probit analysis of injury severity
M Jalayer, R Shabanpour, M Pour-Rouholamin, N Golshani, H Zhou
Accident Analysis & Prevention 117, 128-135, 2018
Joint discrete-continuous model of travel mode and departure time choices
R Shabanpour, N Golshani, S Derrible, A Mohammadian, M Miralinaghi
Transportation Research Record 2669 (1), 41-51, 2017
Consumer preferences of electric and automated vehicles
R Shabanpour, SND Mousavi, N Golshani, J Auld, A Mohammadian
2017 5th IEEE International Conference on Models and Technologies for …, 2017
An advanced traveler navigation system adapted to route choice preferences of the individual users
M Amirgholy, N Golshani, C Schneider, EJ Gonzales, HO Gao
International Journal of Transportation Science and Technology 6 (4), 240-254, 2017
Dynamics of activity time-of-day choice
R Shabanpour, N Golshani, J Auld, A Mohammadian
Transportation Research Record 2665 (1), 51-59, 2017
Evacuation decision behavior for no-notice emergency events
N Golshani, R Shabanpour, A Mohammadian, J Auld, H Ley
Transportation research part D: transport and environment 77, 364-377, 2019
Activity start time and duration: incorporating regret theory into joint discrete–continuous models
N Golshani, R Shabanpour, J Auld, A Mohammadian
Transportmetrica A: transport science 14 (9), 809-827, 2018
Analysis of evacuation destination and departure time choices for no-notice emergency events
N Golshani, R Shabanpour, A Mohammadian, J Auld, H Ley
Transportmetrica A: transport science 15 (2), 896-914, 2019
Willingness-to-pay for automated vehicles: A random parameters and random thresholds HOPIT model
R Shabanpour, N Golshani, J Auld, A Mohammadian
International Choice Modelling Conference 2017, 2017
Week-long mode choice behavior: dynamic random effects logit model
A Shamshiripour, N Golshani, R Shabanpour, A Mohammadian
Transportation research record 2673 (10), 736-744, 2019
Planning in-home activities in the ADAPTS activity-based model: a joint model of activity type and duration
R Shabanpour, N Golshani, M Fasihozaman Langerudi, A Mohammadian
International Journal of Urban Sciences 22 (2), 236-254, 2018
A stated-preference intercept survey of transit-rider response to service disruptions
J Auld, H Ley, O Verbas, N Golshani, J Bechara, A Fontes
Public Transport 12 (3), 557-585, 2020
Dynamics of time-of-day choices in the agent-based dynamic activity planning and travel simulation (ADAPTS) framework
R Shabanpour, N Golshani, J Auld, A Mohammadian
Proceedings of the 96th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, 2017
Analyzing the impact of neighborhood safety on active school travels
A Shamshiripour, R Shabanpour, N Golshani, A Mohammadian, ...
International journal of sustainable transportation 14 (10), 788-805, 2020
Ride-Sourcing Services: A Mode Choice Analysis Accounting for Interalternative Correlation and Unobserved Heterogeneity
R Shabanpour, N Golshani, AK Mohammadian
Transportation Research Board 97th Annual MeetingTransportation Research Board, 2018
Modeling type and duration of in-home activities in ADAPTS activity-based framework
R Shabanpour, N Golshani, MF Langerudi, M Javanmardi, ...
Transportation Research Board 96th Annual MeetingTransportation Research Board, 2017
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