Tarek S. Zaher
Tarek S. Zaher
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A comparative literature survey of Islamic finance and banking
TS Zaher, M Kabir Hassan
Financial Markets, Institutions & Instruments 10 (4), 155-199, 2001
Small firm and value effects in the Canadian stock market
S Elfakhani, LJ Lockwood, TS Zaher
Journal of Financial Research 21 (3), 277-291, 1998
Differential information hypothesis, firm neglect and the small firm size effect
S Elfakhani, T Zaher
Journal of Financial and Strategic Decisions 11 (2), 29-40, 1998
Reserve requirements, bank share prices, and the uniqueeness of bank loans
DK Osborne, TS Zaher
Journal of Banking & Finance 16 (4), 799-812, 1992
On risk and return in MENA capital markets
E Girard, M Omran, TS Zaher
International Journal of Business 8 (3), 2003
Intertemporal risk–return relationship in the Asian markets around the Asian crisis
E Girard, H Rahman, T Zaher
Financial Services Review 10 (1-4), 249-272, 2001
Performance of debt free firms
M Hoque, TS Zaher
Managerial finance, 2010
Middle East and North Africa markets: investment challenges and market structure
TS Zaher
Networks Financial Institute Working Paper, 30, 2007
et Hassan MK (2001)
TS Zaher
A Comparative Literature Survey Of Islamic Finance And Banking, 0
Stability, predictability and volatility of asian emerging stock markets
M Haque, MK Hassan, T Zaher
Indian Journal of Economics and business 3, 121-146, 2004
The Cross-Section of Expected Stock Returns: Application of the Fama-French Methodology to the Utilities Industry
TS Zaher
Journal of Energy Finance and Development 2, 229-238, 1997
Factors affecting Islamic banking behavioral intention: the moderating effects of customer marketing practices and financial considerations
ME Hoque, MK Hassan, NMHN Hashim, T Zaher
Journal of Financial Services Marketing 24 (1-2), 44-58, 2019
On market price of risk in Asian capital markets around the Asian flu
E Girard, H Rahman, T Zaher
International Review of Financial Analysis 12 (3), 241-265, 2003
How to access financial data of the internet and use for research in finance and economics
T Zaher
Financial Markets, Institutions & Instruments 8 (5), 63-78, 1999
Effect of Monetary Policy on Commercial Banks Across Different Business Conditions
SM Harun, KM Hassan, TS Zaher
Multinational Finance Journal 9 (1/2), 99-128, 2005
Does It Pay to Invest in Debt Free Firms During Recessions?
TS Zaher
Networks Financial Institute Working Paper, 22, 2011
The Value of Active Investment Strategies
T Zaher
NFI Working Papers, 2017
THAI STOCK MARKET VOLATILITY AND THE 1997 BAHT CRISIS: An Analysis of the Pre-and Post-Crisis Periods.
M Haque, T Zaher
International Journal of Finance 23 (4), 2011
Performance of Debt Free Firms
TS Zaher
Networks Financial Institute Working Paper, 04, 2009
On the Incidence of Deposit Taxes
TS Zaher, D Osborne
Networks Financial Institute Working Paper, 03, 2008
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