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Hosam Eldeen Elsadig Gasmalla
Hosam Eldeen Elsadig Gasmalla
Diğer adlarHosam Eldeen Mohammed
Assistant Professor of Clinical Anatomy, University of Warwick
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
A brief update on physical and optical disector applications and sectioning-staining methods in neuroscience
SK Kıymet Kübra Yurt, Elfide Gizem Kivrak, Gamze Altun, Hamza Mohamed ...
Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy 93, 16-29, 2018
The validity argument: addressing the misconceptions
HEE Gasmalla, ME Tahir
Medical Teacher 43 (12), 1453-1455, 2021
In Light of COVID-19 Crisis: Proposed Guidelines for the “New Norm” of Anatomy Teaching
MHK Alsharif, HEE Gasmalla, AY Elamin, JM Almasaad, AE Elhag
Medical Science 24 (105), 3281-3290, 2020
Online Anatomy Education in the COVID-19 Pandemic: Challenges and Suggested Practices as per Student and Faculty Experiences in the Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates
M Hamid, HEE Gasmalla, JM Almasaad, JS Muhammad, AY Elamin, ...
Education in Medicine Journal, 2022
Promoting more future‐ready anatomy education after the Covid‐19 pandemic: A scoping review
HEE Gasmalla, AH Mossa, MH Taha, MM Wadi, K Shehzad, ME Abdalla, ...
Anatomical Sciences Education 15 (6), 1120-1137, 2022
Fostering formative assessment: teachers’ perception, practice and challenges of implementation in four Sudanese medical schools, a mixed-method study
EA Almahal, AAA Osman, ME Tahir, HZ Hamdan, AY Gaddal, ...
BMC Medical Education 23 (1), 247, 2023
Unilateral Double Axillary and Double Brachial Arteries, A Case Report
EI Mohammed, HE Gasmalla
MOJ Anat & Physiol 2 (4), 00052, 2016
Anatomical pattern of the origins of the ventral branches of the abdominal aorta
HEE Gasmalla, AHA Galil
Argentine Journal of Clinical Anatomy 8 (3), 192, 2016
From generosity to gratitude: Exploring Islamic views on body donation, human dissection, and honoring the gift of life
SNH Hadie, HEE Gasmalla, MM Wadi, MA Zainul Abidin, MSB Yusoff
Anatomical Sciences Education, 2024
R-Type MCQs (Extended Matching Questions)
HEE Gasmalla, MEM Mohamed Tahir
Written Assessment in Medical Education, 91-99, 2023
Written Assessment in Medical Education
HEE Gasmalla, AAEM Ibrahim, MM Wadi, MH Taha
Springer Nature, 2023
Basic Concepts
HEE Gasmalla
Written Assessment in Medical Education, 1-15, 2023
Blueprint in Assessment
AAM Ibrahim, HEE Gasmalla
Written Assessment in Medical Education, 27-37, 2023
Introduction to the Psychometric Analysis
A Hussein, HEE Gasmalla
Written Assessment in Medical Education, 111-135, 2023
A-Type MCQs
HEE Gasmalla, MEM Mohamed Tahir
Written Assessment in Medical Education, 73-89, 2023
Quantitative Evaluation of Grey Matter Volume of Thalamus in Patients with Depression on Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Segmentation Study
KM Taha, HEE Gasmalla, AY Elamin, JM Almasaad, NM Bakhit, ...
Twelve tips for introducing the concept of validity argument in assessment to novice medical teachers in a workshop
HE Gasmalla, M Wadi, MH Taha
MedEdPublish 10, 74, 2021
The Perception of Physiologists Toward Implementing Team-based Learning in Sudan: A national-scale Cross-sectional Study
ME Tahir, DME Alam, HEE Gasmalla
Sudan Journal of Medical Sciences 16 (1), 101-110, 2021
Diclofenac Sodium and Hippocampus: A Brief Evaluation
HEE Gasmalla, KK Yurt, MA Nurein, S Kaplan
A Comprehensive Guide to Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs, 313-340, 2021
An anatomical Pattern of the Origins of the Ventral Branches of the Abdominal Aorta: A Study Among Sudanese Cadavers
HEE Gasmalla, MHK Alsharif, AG Mohamed AH
Journal of Research in Medical and Dental Science 9 (1), 219-224, 2021
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