Wojciech Misiolek
Wojciech Misiolek
Loewy Professor of Materials Forming and Processing, Lehigh University
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Effect of processing parameters on pore structure and thickness of anodic aluminum oxide (AAO) tubular membranes
A Belwalkar, E Grasing, W Van Geertruyden, Z Huang, WZ Misiolek
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Bi-metal rod extrusion—process and product optimization
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Metal forming beyond shaping: predicting and setting product properties
AE Tekkaya, JM Allwood, PF Bariani, S Bruschi, J Cao, S Gramlich, ...
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Improving mechanical properties of chip-based aluminum extrudates by integrated extrusion and equal channel angular pressing (iECAP)
M Haase, NB Khalifa, AE Tekkaya, WZ Misiolek
Materials Science and Engineering: A 539, 194-204, 2012
Effect of die design on the welding quality during solid state recycling of AA6060 chips by hot extrusion
V Güley, A Güzel, A Jäger, NB Khalifa, AE Tekkaya, WZ Misiolek
Materials Science and Engineering: A 574, 163-175, 2013
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Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A 36 (4), 1049-1056, 2005
Correlations between microstructure and surface properties in a high nitrogen martensitic stainless steel
A Toro, WZ Misiolek, AP Tschiptschin
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High quality extrudates from aluminum chips by new billet compaction and deformation routes
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Characterization of non-metallic inclusions in superelastic NiTi tubes
A Toro, F Zhou, MH Wu, W Van Geertruyden, WZ Misiolek
Journal of materials engineering and performance 18 (5-6), 448-458, 2009
Analysis of the intermetallic phase transformation occurring during homogenization of 6xxx aluminum alloys
SR Claves, DL Elias, WZ Misiolek
Materials Science Forum 396, 667-674, 2002
The effect of high temperature heat treatment on the structure and properties of anodic aluminum oxide
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Evaluation of nano-porous alumina membranes for hemodialysis application
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Localized tensile strain distribution and metallurgy of electron beam welded Ti–5Al–5V–5Mo–3Cr titanium alloys
JC Sabol, T Pasang, WZ Misiolek, JC Williams
Journal of Materials Processing Technology 212 (11), 2380-2385, 2012
Reactive sintering and reactive hot isostatic compaction of aluminide matrix composites
W Misiolek, RM German
Materials Science and Engineering: A 144 (1-2), 1-10, 1991
Theoretical predictions and experimental verification of surface grain structure evolution for AA6061 during hot rolling
L De Pari Jr, WZ Misiolek
Acta Materialia 56 (20), 6174-6185, 2008
Experimental and computational study of thermal energy storage with encapsulated NaNO3 for high temperature applications
Y Zheng, JL Barton, K Tuzla, JC Chen, S Neti, A Oztekin, WZ Misiolek
Solar Energy 115, 180-194, 2015
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Effects of homogenisation treatment on microstructure and hot ductility of aluminium alloy 6063
KBS Couto, SR Claves, WH Van Geertruyden, WZ Misiolek, M Goncalves
Materials science and technology 21 (2), 263-268, 2005
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