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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Complex adaptive systems modeling with Repast Simphony
MJ North, NT Collier, J Ozik, ER Tatara, CM Macal, M Bragen, P Sydelko
Complex adaptive systems modeling 1 (1), 1-26, 2013
The transformation of southern California's residential photovoltaics market through third-party ownership
E Drury, M Miller, CM Macal, DJ Graziano, D Heimiller, J Ozik, TD Perry IV
Energy Policy 42, 681-690, 2012
Visual agent-based model development with repast simphony
MJ North, E Tatara, NT Collier, J Ozik
Tech. rep., Argonne National Laboratory, 2007
Growing networks with geographical attachment preference: Emergence of small worlds
J Ozik, BR Hunt, E Ott
Physical Review E 69 (2), 026108, 2004
Band-in-band segregation of multidisperse granular mixtures
M Newey, J Ozik, SM Van der Meer, E Ott, W Losert
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 66 (2), 205, 2004
From desktop to large-scale model exploration with Swift/T
J Ozik, NT Collier, JM Wozniak, C Spagnuolo
2016 Winter Simulation Conference (WSC), 206-220, 2016
CANDLE/Supervisor: A workflow framework for machine learning applied to cancer research
JM Wozniak, R Jain, P Balaprakash, J Ozik, NT Collier, J Bauer, F Xia, ...
BMC bioinformatics 19 (18), 59-69, 2018
The ReLogo agent-based modeling language
J Ozik, NT Collier, JT Murphy, MJ North
2013 Winter Simulations Conference (WSC), 1560-1568, 2013
High-throughput cancer hypothesis testing with an integrated PhysiCell-EMEWS workflow
J Ozik, N Collier, JM Wozniak, C Macal, C Cockrell, SH Friedman, ...
BMC bioinformatics 19 (18), 81-97, 2018
Large-scale agent-based modeling with repast HPC: A case study in parallelizing an agent-based model
N Collier, J Ozik, CM Macal
European Conference on Parallel Processing, 454-465, 2015
Modeling the X-ray-ultraviolet correlations in NGC 7469
AJ Berkley, D Kazanas, J Ozik
The Astrophysical Journal 535 (2), 712, 2000
Mechanical alignment of prolate cosmic-dust grains: Cross section alignment
AM Lazarian, M Efroimsky, J Ozik
The Astrophysical Journal 472 (1), 240, 1996
Learning-accelerated discovery of immune-tumour interactions
J Ozik, N Collier, R Heiland, G An, P Macklin
Molecular systems design & engineering 4 (4), 747-760, 2019
Formation of multifractal population patterns from reproductive growth and local resettlement
J Ozik, BR Hunt, E Ott
Physical Review E 72 (4), 046213, 2005
Test-driven agent-based simulation development
N Collier, J Ozik
2013 winter simulations conference (WSC), 1551-1559, 2013
Rapid community-driven development of a SARS-CoV-2 tissue simulator
Y Wang, G An, A Becker, C Cockrell, N Collier, M Craig, CL Davis, ...
BioRxiv, 2020
RELOGO getting started guide
J Ozik
Repast Development Team. http://repast. sourceforge. net/docs. html, 2011
How to build an agent-based model iii–repast simphony
E Tatara, J Ozik
Applied Agent-based Modeling in Management Research, Academy of Management …, 2009
Repast simphony statecharts
J Ozik, N Collier, T Combs, CM Macal, M North
Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation 18 (3), 11, 2015
Complex adaptive systems modeling with repast simphony, Complex Adapt
MJ North, NT Collier, J Ozik, ER Tatara, CM Macal, M Bragen, P Sydelko
Syst. Model 1 (3), 10.1186, 2013
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