Jingyan Dong
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Design, analysis, fabrication and testing of a parallel-kinematic micropositioning XY stage
Q Yao, J Dong, PM Ferreira
International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture 47 (6), 946-961, 2007
Development of a high-bandwidth xy nanopositioning stage for high-rate micro-/nanomanufacturing
S Polit, J Dong
Mechatronics, IEEE/ASME Transactions on 16 (4), 724-722, 2011
Feed-rate optimization with jerk constraints for generating minimum-time trajectories
J Dong, PM Ferreira, JA Stori
International Journal of Machine Tools and Manufacture 47 (12-13), 1941-1955, 2007
Printable single‐crystal silicon micro/nanoscale ribbons, platelets and bars generated from bulk wafers
AJ Baca, MA Meitl, HC Ko, S Mack, HS Kim, J Dong, PM Ferreira, ...
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Electrohydrodynamic printing of silver nanowires for flexible and stretchable electronics
Z Cui, Y Han, Q Huang, J Dong, Y Zhu
Nanoscale 10 (15), 6806-6811, 2018
Direct fabrication of high-resolution three-dimensional polymeric scaffolds using electrohydrodynamic hot jet plotting
C Wei, J Dong
Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 23 (2), 025017, 2013
A SOI-MEMS-based 3-DOF planar parallel-kinematics nanopositioning stage
D Mukhopadhyay, J Dong, E Pengwang, P Ferreira
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 147 (1), 340-351, 2008
A novel parallel-kinematics mechanisms for integrated, multi-axis nanopositioning: Part 1. Kinematics and design for fabrication
Q Yao, J Dong, PM Ferreira
Precision Engineering 32 (1), 7-19, 2008
Super-Resolution Electrohydrodynamic (EHD) 3D Printing of Micro-Structures Using Phase-Change Inks
Y Han, C Wei, J Dong
Manufacturing Letters 2 (4), 96-99, 2014
High-resolution ac-pulse modulated electrohydrodynamic jet printing on highly insulating substrates
C Wei, H Qin, NA Ramírez-Iglesias, CP Chiu, Y Lee, J Dong
Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 24 (4), 045010, 2014
Combined-Feedback Control and Iterative Learning Control Design With Application to Nanopositioning Systems
BE Helfrich, C Lee, DA Bristow, XH Xiao, J Dong, AG Alleyne, ...
IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology 18 (2), 336-351, 2009
Nanomaterial‐enabled flexible and stretchable sensing systems: processing, integration, and applications
S Yao, P Ren, R Song, Y Liu, Q Huang, J Dong, BT O'Connor, Y Zhu
Advanced Materials 32 (15), 1902343, 2020
A generalized time-optimal bidirectional scan algorithm for constrained feed-rate optimization
J Dong, JA Stori
High-rate tunable ultrasonic force regulated nanomachining lithography with an atomic force microscope
L Zhang, J Dong
Nanotechnology 23 (8), 085303, 2012
Droplet formation and settlement of phase-change ink in high resolution electrohydrodynamic (EHD) 3D printing
Y Han, C Wei, J Dong
Journal of Manufacturing Processes 20, 485–491, 2015
Design, fabrication and testing of a silicon-on-insulator (SOI) MEMS parallel kinematics XY stage
J Dong, D Mukhopadhyay, PM Ferreira
Journal of micromechanics and microengineering 17 (6), 1154, 2007
Optimal feed-rate scheduling for high-speed contouring
J Dong, JA Stori
Electrostatically Actuated Cantilever With SOI-MEMS Parallel Kinematic XY Stage
D Jingyan, PM Ferreira
Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems 18 (3), 641, 2009
Simultaneous actuation and displacement sensing for electrostatic drives
J Dong, PM Ferreira
Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 18 (3), 035011, 2008
Robust control of a parallel-kinematic nanopositioner
J Dong, SM Salapaka, PM Ferreira
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