Andy Ng
Andy Ng
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Long period grating based biosensor for the detection of Escherichia coli bacteria
SM Tripathi, WJ Bock, P Mikulic, R Chinnappan, A Ng, M Tolba, M Zourob
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 35 (1), 308-312, 2012
Detection of bacteria using bacteriophages as recognition elements immobilized on long-period fiber gratings
M Smietana, WJ Bock, P Mikulic, A Ng, R Chinnappan, M Zourob
Optics Express 19 (9), 7971-7978, 2011
A simple cassette as point-of-care diagnostic device for naked-eye colorimetric bacteria detection
M Safavieh, MU Ahmed, E Sokullu, A Ng, L Braescu, M Zourob
Analyst 139 (2), 482-487, 2014
Aptamer-Based Label-Free Impedimetric Biosensor for Detection of Progesterone
G Contreras Jiménez, S Eissa, A Ng, H Alhadrami, M Zourob, M Siaj
Analytical chemistry 87 (2), 1075-1082, 2015
Label-free voltammetric aptasensor for the sensitive detection of microcystin-LR using graphene-modified electrodes
S Eissa, A Ng, M Siaj, M Zourob
Analytical chemistry 86 (15), 7551-7557, 2014
Selection and Identification of DNA Aptamers against Okadaic Acid for Biosensing Application
S Eissa, A Ng, M Siaj, AC Tavares, M Zourob
Analytical chemistry 85 (24), 11794-11801, 2013
Selection, Characterization, and Biosensing Application of High Affinity Congener-Specific Microcystin-Targeting Aptamers
A Ng, R Chinnappan, S Eissa, H Liu, C Tlili, M Zourob
Environmental Science & Technology 46 (19), 10697-10703, 2012
High-throughput real-time electrochemical monitoring of LAMP for pathogenic bacteria detection
M Safavieh, MU Ahmed, A Ng, M Zourob
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 58, 101-106, 2014
Label-free bacteria detection using evanescent mode of a suspended core terahertz fiber
A Mazhorova, A Markov, A Ng, R Chinnappan, O Skorobogata, M Zourob, ...
Optics express 20 (5), 5344-5355, 2012
Duplexed aptamers: history, design, theory, and application to biosensing
JD Munzar, A Ng, D Juncker
Chemical Society Reviews 48 (5), 1390-1419, 2019
Improving solubility and refolding efficiency of human VHs by a novel mutational approach
J Tanha, TD Nguyen, A Ng, S Ryan, F Ni, R MacKenzie
Protein Engineering Design and Selection 19 (11), 503-509, 2006
Design and solution structure of a well-folded stack of two β-hairpins based on the amino-terminal fragment of human granulin A
D Tolkatchev, A Ng, W Vranken, F Ni
Biochemistry 39 (11), 2878-2886, 2000
Ultra-rapid colorimetric assay for protease detection using magnetic nanoparticle-based biosensors
GARY Suaifan, C Esseghaier, A Ng, M Zourob
The Analyst 138 (13), 3735-3739, 2013
Sensitive Detection of ssDNA Using an LRET-Based Upconverting Nanohybrid Material
JG Jesu Raj, M Quintanilla, KA Mahmoud, A Ng, F Vetrone, M Zourob
ACS applied materials & interfaces 7 (33), 18257-18265, 2015
A novel and rapid assay for HIV-1 protease detection using magnetic bead mediation
C Esseghaier, A Ng, M Zourob
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 41, 335-341, 2013
Microfluidic Capillaric Circuit for Rapid and Facile Bacteria Detection
AO Olanrewaju, A Ng, P DeCorwin-Martin, A Robillard, D Juncker
Analytical Chemistry 89 (12), 6846-6853, 2017
Ensemble multicolour FRET model enables barcoding at extreme FRET levels
M Dagher, M Kleinman, A Ng, D Juncker
Nature nanotechnology 13 (10), 925-932, 2018
Wash-less and highly sensitive assay for prostate specific antigen detection
GARY Suaifan, C Esseghaier, A Ng, M Zourob
Analyst 137 (23), 5614-5619, 2012
Complementary oligonucleotides regulate induced fit ligand binding in duplexed aptamers
JD Munzar, A Ng, M Corrado, D Juncker
Chemical Science 8 (3), 2251-2256, 2017
One-Step Assay for Optical Prostate Specific Antigen Detection Using Magnetically Engineered Responsive Thin Film
C Esseghaier, GARY Suaifan, A Ng, M Zourob
Journal of Biomedical Nanotechnology 10 (6), 1123-1129, 2014
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