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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Toward you: The social side of actions
C Becchio, L Sartori, U Castiello
Current Directions in Psychological Science 19 (3), 183-188, 2010
Wired to be social: the ontogeny of human interaction
U Castiello, C Becchio, S Zoia, C Nelini, L Sartori, L Blason, G D'Ottavio, ...
PloS one 5 (10), e13199, 2010
Cues to intention: the role of movement information
L Sartori, C Becchio, U Castiello
Cognition 119 (2), 242-252, 2011
Grasping intentions: from thought experiments to empirical evidence
C Becchio, V Manera, L Sartori, A Cavallo, U Castiello
Frontiers in human neuroscience 6, 117, 2012
Different action patterns for cooperative and competitive behaviour
I Georgiou, C Becchio, S Glover, U Castiello
Cognition 102 (3), 415-433, 2007
Social grasping: From mirroring to mentalizing
C Becchio, A Cavallo, C Begliomini, L Sartori, G Feltrin, U Castiello
Neuroimage 61 (1), 240-248, 2012
The case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: a kinematic study on social intention
C Becchio, L Sartori, M Bulgheroni, U Castiello
Consciousness and cognition 17 (3), 557-564, 2008
Both your intention and mine are reflected in the kinematics of my reach-to-grasp movement
C Becchio, L Sartori, M Bulgheroni, U Castiello
Cognition 106 (2), 894-912, 2008
Does the intention to communicate affect action kinematics?
L Sartori, C Becchio, BG Bara, U Castiello
Consciousness and cognition 18 (3), 766-772, 2009
How the gaze of others influences object processing
C Becchio, C Bertone, U Castiello
Trends in cognitive sciences 12 (7), 254-258, 2008
Motor contagion from gaze: The case of autism
C Becchio, A Pierno, M Mari, D Lusher, U Castiello
Brain 130 (9), 2401-2411, 2007
Cooperation or competition? Discriminating between social intentions by observing prehensile movements
V Manera, C Becchio, A Cavallo, L Sartori, U Castiello
Experimental Brain Research 211 (3-4), 547-556, 2011
When gaze turns into grasp
AC Pierno, C Becchio, MB Wall, AT Smith, L Turella, U Castiello
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience 18 (12), 2130-2137, 2006
Inferring intentions from biological motion: a stimulus set of point-light communicative interactions
V Manera, B Schouten, C Becchio, BG Bara, K Verfaillie
Behavior research methods 42 (1), 168-178, 2010
Cost optimality assessment of a single family house: Building and technical systems solutions for the nZEB target
C Becchio, P Dabbene, E Fabrizio, V Monetti, M Filippi
Energy and Buildings 90, 173-187, 2015
Improving environmental sustainability of concrete products: Investigation on MWC thermal and mechanical properties
C Becchio, SP Corgnati, A Kindinis, S Pagliolico
Energy and Buildings 41 (11), 1127-1134, 2009
Modulation of the action control system by social intention: unexpected social requests override preplanned action.
L Sartori, C Becchio, M Bulgheroni, U Castiello
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance 35 (5 …, 2009
Altercentric interference in level 1 visual perspective taking reflects the ascription of mental states, not submentalizing.
T Furlanetto, C Becchio, D Samson, I Apperly
Journal of Experimental Psychology: Human Perception and Performance 42 (2), 158, 2016
Decoding intentions from movement kinematics
A Cavallo, A Koul, C Ansuini, F Capozzi, C Becchio
Scientific Reports 6 (1), 1-8, 2016
Do you mean me? Communicative intentions recruit the mirror and the mentalizing system
A Ciaramidaro, C Becchio, L Colle, BG Bara, H Walter
Social cognitive and affective neuroscience 9 (7), 909-916, 2014
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