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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Identification of haploid and diploid maize seeds using convolutional neural networks and a transfer learning approach
Y Altuntaş, Z Cömert, AF Kocamaz
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 163, 104874, 2019
A study of artificial neural network training algorithms for classification of cardiotocography signals
Z Cömert, A Kocamaz
Bitlis Eren University journal of science and technology 7 (2), 93-103, 2017
Comparison of machine learning techniques for fetal heart rate classification
Z Cömert, A Kocamaz
Acta Physica Polonica A 132 (3), 451-454, 2017
Modeling of compressive strength and UPV of high-volume mineral-admixtured concrete using rule-based M5 rule and tree model M5P classifiers
Y Ayaz, AF Kocamaz, MB Karakoç
Construction and Building Materials 94, 235-240, 2015
A chaotic optimization method based on logistic-sine map for numerical function optimization
FB Demir, T Tuncer, AF Kocamaz
Neural Computing and Applications 32, 14227-14239, 2020
Prognostic model based on image-based time-frequency features and genetic algorithm for fetal hypoxia assessment
Z Cömert, AF Kocamaz, V Subha
Computers in biology and medicine 99, 85-97, 2018
Fetal hypoxia detection based on deep convolutional neural network with transfer learning approach
Z Cömert, AF Kocamaz
Software Engineering and Algorithms in Intelligent Systems: Proceedings of …, 2019
Prediction of intrapartum fetal hypoxia considering feature selection algorithms and machine learning models
Z Cömert, A Şengür, Ü Budak, AF Kocamaz
Health information science and systems 7, 1-9, 2019
Cardiotocography signals with artificial neural network and extreme learning machine
Z Cömert, AF Kocamaz, S Güngör
2016 24th Signal Processing and Communication Application Conference (SIU …, 2016
Open-access software for analysis of fetal heart rate signals
Z Cömert, AF Kocamaz
Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 45, 98-108, 2018
A vision-based real-time mobile robot controller design based on gaussian function for indoor environment
E Dönmez, AF Kocamaz, M Dirik
Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering 43, 7127-7142, 2018
Continuous rotation invariant features for gradient-based texture classification
AFK Kazim Hanbay, Nuh Alpaslan, Muhammed Fatih Talu, Davut Hanbay, Ali Karci
Computer Vision and Image Understanding, 87-101, 2014
Evaluation of fetal distress diagnosis during delivery stages based on linear and nonlinear features of fetal heart rate for neural network community
Z Cömert, AF Kocamaz
Int. J. Comput. Appl 156 (4), 26-31, 2016
Visual-servoing based global path planning using interval type-2 fuzzy logic control
M Dirik, O Castillo, AF Kocamaz
Axioms 8 (2), 58, 2019
Global path planning and path-following for wheeled mobile robot using a novel control structure based on a vision sensor
M Dirik, AF Kocamaz, O Castillo
International Journal of Fuzzy Systems 22 (6), 1880-1891, 2020
A study based on gray level co-occurrence matrix and neural network community for determination of hypoxic fetuses
Z Cömert, AF Kocamaz
International artificial intelligence and data processing symposium (IDAP …, 2016
A cloudware architecture for collaboration of multiple agvs in indoor logistics: Case study in fabric manufacturing enterprises
F Okumuş, E Dönmez, AF Kocamaz
Electronics 9 (12), 2023, 2020
Identification of haploid maize seeds using gray level co-occurrence matrix and machine learning techniques
Y ALTUNTAŞ, AF Kocamaz, Z CÖMERT, R Cengiz, M Esmeray
2018 International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Data Processing …, 2018
Classification of haploid and diploid maize seeds by using image processing techniques and support vector machines
Y Altuntaş, AF Kocamaz, R Cengiz, M Esmeray
2018 26th signal processing and communications applications conference (SIU …, 2018
Bi-RRT path extraction and curve fitting smooth with visual based configuration space mapping
E Dönmez, AF Kocamaz, M Dirik
2017 international artificial intelligence and data processing symposium …, 2017
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