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Nihat Kabaoğlu
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Alıntı yapanlar
Generalized code index modulation and spatial modulation for high rate and energy-efficient MIMO systems on rayleigh block-fading channel
F Cogen, E Aydin, N Kabaoglu, E Basar, H Ilhan
IEEE Systems Journal 15 (1), 538-545, 2020
Target tracking using particle filters with support vector regression
N Kabaoglu
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 58 (5), 2569-2573, 2008
Deterministic maximum likelihood approach for 3-D near field source localization
N Kabaoğlu, HA Çırpan, E Çekli, S Paker
AEU-International Journal of Electronics and Communications 57 (5), 345-350, 2003
On the error probability of cognitive RF-FSO relay networks over Rayleigh/EW fading channels with primary-secondary interference
E Erdogan, N Kabaoglu, I Altunbas, H Yanikomeroglu
IEEE Photonics Journal 12 (1), 1-13, 2019
Maximum likelihood 3-D near-field source localization using the EM algorithm
N Kabaoglu, HA Çirpan, E Cekli, S Paker
Proceedings of the Eighth IEEE Symposium on Computers and Communications …, 2003
Code Index Modulation and Spatial Modulation: A New High Rate and Energy Efficient Scheme for MIMO Systems.
F Cogen, E Aydin, N Kabaoglu, E Basar, H Ilhan
TSP, 1-4, 2018
A cognitive radio enabled RF/FSO communication model for aerial relay networks: Possible configurations and opportunities
E Erdogan, I Altunbas, N Kabaoglu, H Yanikomeroglu
IEEE Open Journal of Vehicular Technology 2, 45-53, 2020
SAGE based suboptimal receiver for downlink MC-CDMA systems
N Kabaoglu
IEEE Communications Letters 15 (12), 1381-1383, 2011
Unconditional maximum likelihood approach for localization of near-field sources in 3D space
N Kabaoglu, HA Cirpan, S Paker
Proceedings of the Fourth IEEE International Symposium on Signal Processing …, 2004
C‐MRC–based cooperative spatial modulation with antenna selection
E Aydin, E Basar, H Ilhan, N Kabaoğlu
International Journal of Communication Systems 33 (17), e4600, 2020
A novel MIMO scheme based on code-index modulation and spatial modulation
F Çögen, E Aydin, N Kabaoğlu, E Bagar, H Ilhan
2018 26th Signal Processing and Communications Applications Conference (SIU …, 2018
Wideband target tracking by using SVR-based sequential Monte Carlo method
N Kabaoğlu, HA Çırpan
Signal processing 88 (11), 2804-2816, 2008
Reconfigurable intelligent surface empowered differential chaos shift keying assisted media-based modulation over Nakagami-m fading channels
B Onal, F Cogen, E Aydin, N Kabaoglu
2021 13th International Conference on Electrical and Electronics Engineering …, 2021
Reconfigurable intelligent surface-empowered code index modulation for high-rate SISO systems
F Cogen, BA Ozden, E Aydin, N Kabaoglu
IEEE Transactions on Cognitive Communications and Networking, 2024
EM based Stochastic maximum likelihood approach for localization of near-field sources in 3-D
N Kabaoğlu, HA Çirpan, S Paker
Frequenz 58 (7-8), 178-184, 2004
Broadband jammer excision in spread spectrum communication systems using time-frequency masking
E Saatçi, A Akan, N Kabaoglu
Proceedings of the IEEE Signal Processing Workshop on Higher-Order …, 1999
Expectation–maximization‐based joint data detection and channel estimation for a cellular multi‐carrier code division multiple access network using single‐hop relaying
N Kabaoğlu
International Journal of Communication Systems 26 (4), 449-464, 2013
EM-based recursive tracking algorithm for near-field moving sources
S Cekli, E Cekli, N Kabaoglu, HA Cirpan
2007 IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium, 381-385, 2007
On the performance of cognitive two-way relay networks with multi-user scheduling and shadowing
E Erdogan, N Kabaoglu, A Afana, S Ikki
Physical Communication 35, 100705, 2019
A practical power allocation method for multi-user and multi-carrier networks
N Kabaoğlu
Wireless Networks 25 (6), 2997-3003, 2019
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