Maryna van de Venter
Maryna van de Venter
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Antidiabetic screening and scoring of 11 plants traditionally used in South Africa
M van de Venter, S Roux, LC Bungu, J Louw, NR Crouch, OM Grace, ...
Journal of ethnopharmacology 119 (1), 81-86, 2008
Chemical composition and the antioxidative properties of Nigerian Okra Seed (Abelmoschus esculentus Moench) Flour
OE Adelakun, OJ Oyelade, BIO Ade-Omowaye, IA Adeyemi, ...
Food and Chemical Toxicology 47 (6), 1123-1126, 2009
Microcystin content of Microcystis aeruginosa is modulated by nitrogen uptake rate relative to specific growth rate or carbon fixation rate
TG Downing, C Meyer, MM Gehringer, M Van de Venter
Environmental Toxicology: An International Journal 20 (3), 257-262, 2005
The role of microcystin-LR in the induction of apoptosis and oxidative stress in CaCo2 cells
N Botha, MM Gehringer, TG Downing, M van de Venter, EG Shephard
Toxicon 43 (1), 85-92, 2004
The Akt pathway in oncology therapy and beyond
GM Nitulescu, M Van De Venter, G Nitulescu, A Ungurianu, P Juzenas, ...
International journal of oncology 53 (6), 2319-2331, 2018
Anti-HIV activities of organic and aqueous extracts of Sutherlandia frutescens and Lobostemon trigonus
SM Harnett, V Oosthuizen, M Van de Venter
Journal of ethnopharmacology 96 (1-2), 113-119, 2005
Hypoglycaemic activity of four plant extracts traditionally used in South Africa for diabetes
MS Deutschländer, M Van de Venter, S Roux, J Louw, N Lall
Journal of Ethnopharmacology 124 (3), 619-624, 2009
In vitro anti-HIV activity of five selected South African medicinal plant extracts
M Klos, M Van de Venter, PJ Milne, HN Traore, D Meyer, V Oosthuizen
Journal of ethnopharmacology 124 (2), 182-188, 2009
Anti-diabetic effects of Sutherlandia frutescens in Wistar rats fed a diabetogenic diet
WA Chadwick, S Roux, M van de Venter, J Louw, W Oelofsen
Journal of ethnopharmacology 109 (1), 121-127, 2007
Antiinflammatory, analgesic and antioxidant activities of Cyathula prostrata (Linn.) Blume (Amaranthaceae)
B Ibrahim, A Sowemimo, A van Rooyen, M Van de Venter
Journal of Ethnopharmacology 141 (1), 282-289, 2012
Caspase-3 activation and induction of PARP cleavage by cyclic dipeptide cyclo (Phe-Pro) in HT-29 cells
SC Brauns, G Dealtry, P Milne, R Naudé, M Van de Venter
Anticancer research 25 (6B), 4197-4202, 2005
An investigation into the biological activity of the selected histidine‐containing diketopiperazines cyclo (His‐Phe) and cyclo (His‐Tyr)
K McCleland, PJ Milne, FR Lucieto, C Frost, SC Brauns, M Van De Venter, ...
Journal of pharmacy and pharmacology 56 (9), 1143-1153, 2004
The effect of intraperitoneally administered microcystin-LR on the gastrointestinal tract of Balb/c mice.
N Botha, M van de Venter, TG Downing, EG Shephard, MM Gehringer
Toxicon 43 (3), 251-254, 2004
In vitro anti-HIV-1 properties of ethnobotanically selected South African plants used in the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases
TE Tshikalange, JJM Meyer, N Lall, E Muñoz, R Sancho, M Van de Venter, ...
Journal of Ethnopharmacology 119 (3), 478-481, 2008
Plant species used in the treatment of diabetes by South African traditional healers: An inventory
MS Deutschländer, N Lall, M Van De Venter
Pharmaceutical Biology 47 (4), 348-365, 2009
Anticancer Activity of Steroid Alkaloids Isolated from Solanum aculeastrum.
S Koduru, DS Grierson, M Van de Venter, AJ Afolayan
Pharmaceutical biology 45 (8), 613-618, 2007
Selected cyclic dipeptides inhibit cancer cell growth and induce apoptosis in HT-29 colon cancer cells
SC Brauns, P Milne, R Naudé, M Van de Venter
Anticancer research 24 (3A), 1713-1720, 2004
Hypoglycemic evaluation of a new triterpene and other compounds isolated from Euclea undulata Thunb. var. myrtina (Ebenaceae) root bark
MS Deutschländer, N Lall, M Van de Venter, AA Hussein
Journal of Ethnopharmacology 133 (3), 1091-1095, 2011
The synthesis and anticancer activity of selected diketopiperazines
E Van der Merwe, D Huang, D Peterson, G Kilian, PJ Milne, ...
Peptides 29 (8), 1305-1311, 2008
Cytotoxic activity of selected Nigerian plants
A Sowemimo, M van de Venter, L Baatjies, T Koekemoer
African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicines 6 (4), 2009
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