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Prof Qutaiba Agbaria
Prof Qutaiba Agbaria
Al Qasemi college
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Coping with Stress during the Coronavirus Outbreak: the contribution of Big Five Personality Traits and Social Support
Q Agbaria, A Abu-Mukh
International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction, 2021
Prevalence, predictors, and implications of religious/spiritual struggles among Muslims
H Abu‐Raiya, JJ Exline, KI Pargament, Q Agbaria
Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion 54 (4), 631-648, 2015
Internet addiction and aggression: The mediating roles of self-control and positive affect
Q Agbaria
International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction 19 (4), 1227-1242, 2021
Classroom Management Skills among Kindergarten Teachers as related to Emotional Intelligence and Self-Efficacy
Q Agbaria
International Journal of Instruction, 2021
The link between developmental components (age and gender), need to belong and resources of self-control and feelings of happiness, and frequency of symptoms among Arab …
Q Agbaria, T Ronen, L Hamama
Children and Youth Services Review 34 (10), 2018-2027, 2012
The Relationship between Violence in the Family and Adolescents Aggression: The Mediator Role of Self-Control, Social Support, Religiosity, and Well-Being
Q Agbaria, N Natur
children and youth services review, 2018
On the links between positive religious coping, satisfaction with life and depressive symptoms among a multinational sample of Muslims
H Abu‐Raiya, A Ayten, M Tekke, Q Agbaria
International Journal of Psychology 54 (5), 678-686, 2019
Religiousness and subjective well-being among Israeli-Palestinian college students: Direct or mediated links?
H Abu-Raiya, Q Agbaria
Social Indicators Research 126, 829-844, 2016
Self control and a sense of social belonging as moderators of the link between poor subjective wellbeing and aggression among Arab Palestinian adolescents in Israel
Q Agbaria, T Ronen
Procedia-social and behavioral sciences 5, 1334-1345, 2010
The Association of Big Five Personality Traits and Religiosity on Internet Addiction among Israeli-Palestinian Muslim College Students in Israel
Q Agbaria
Mental Health, Religion & Culture, 2019
The role of self-control and identity status as predictors of internet addiction among Israeli-Palestinian college students in Israel
Q Agbaria, D Bdier
International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction 19 (1), 252-266, 2021
Predictors of aggression among Palestinians in Israel and Gaza: Happiness, need to belong, and self-control
T Ronen, I Abuelaish, M Rosenbaum, Q Agbaria, L Hamama
Children and Youth Services Review 35 (1), 47-55, 2013
Social Support, Self-Control, Religiousness and Engagement in High Risk-Behaviors among Adolescents
Q Agbaria, DZ Berte, F Mahamid
The International Journal of Indian Psychology 4 (Risk behaviors), 10-30, 2017
The Association Between Attachment Patterns and Parenting Styles with Emotion Regulation among Palestinian Preschoolers
Q Agbaria, F Mahamid
Open Sage, 2021
The Role of Self-Control, Social Support and (Positive and negative affects) in Reducing Test Anxiety among Arab teenagers in Israel
Q Agbaria
child indicators research, 2019
Religiosity, social support, self-control and happiness as moderating factors of physical violence among Arab adolescents in Israel
Q Agbaria, B El-Garbia
Creative Education 5 (02), 75, 2014
Relationships between religious struggles and well-being among a multinational Muslim sample: A comparative analysis
H Abu-Raiya, A Ayten, Q Agbaria, M Tekke
Social Work 63 (4), 347-356, 2018
Cognitive behavioral intervention in dealing with Internet addiction among Arab teenagers in Israel
Q Agbaria
International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction 21 (4), 2493-2507, 2023
The relationship between the level of school-involvement and learned helplessness among special-education teachers in the Arab sector.
Q Agbaria
Australian Journal of Teacher Education 36 (2), 1-15, 2011
Predictors of Personal and Social Adjustment among Israeli-Palestinian Teenagers
Q Agbaria
Child indicators research, 2019
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