Jagadeesh Gopalan
Jagadeesh Gopalan
Professor of Aerospace Engineering, Indian Institute of Science
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Experimental investigations of hypersonic flow over highly blunted cones with aerospikes
V Menezes, S Saravanan, G Jagadeesh, KPJ Reddy
AIAA journal 41 (10), 1955-1966, 2003
Counterflow drag reduction by supersonic jet for a blunt body in hypersonic flow
B Venukumar, G Jagadeesh, KPJ Reddy
Physics of fluids 18 (11), 118104, 2006
Laser-ablation-assisted microparticle acceleration for drug delivery
V Menezes, K Takayama, T Ohki, J Gopalan
Applied Physics Letters 87 (16), 163504, 2005
Needleless vaccine delivery using micro-shock waves
G Jagadeesh, GD Prakash, SG Rakesh, US Allam, MG Krishna, ...
Clinical and Vaccine Immunology 18 (4), 539-545, 2011
An accelerometer balance system for measurement of aerodynamic force coefficients over blunt bodies in a hypersonic shock tunnel
N Sahoo, DR Mahapatra, G Jagadeesh, S Gopalakrishnan, KPJ Reddy
Measurement Science and Technology 14 (3), 260, 2003
Novel applications of micro-shock waves in biological sciences
G Jagadeesh, K Takayama
Journal of the Indian institute of Science 82 (1), 49, 2002
Investigation of missile-shaped body with forward-facing cavity at Mach 8
S Saravanan, G Jagadeesh, KPJ Reddy
Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets 46 (3), 577-591, 2009
Novel supersonic nozzles for mixing enhancement in supersonic ejectors
SMV Rao, G Jagadeesh
Applied Thermal Engineering 71 (1), 62-71, 2014
Effect of concentrated energy deposition on the aerodynamic drag of a blunt body in hypersonic flow
K Satheesh, G Jagadeesh
Physics of fluids 19 (3), 031701, 2007
Observations on the non-mixed length and unsteady shock motion in a two dimensional supersonic ejector
SMV Rao, G Jagadeesh
Physics of Fluids 26 (3), 036103, 2014
Bacterial transformation using micro-shock waves
GD Prakash, RV Anish, G Jagadeesh, D Chakravortty
Analytical biochemistry 419 (2), 292-301, 2011
Film cooling effectiveness on a large angle blunt cone flying at hypersonic speed
N Sahoo, V Kulkarni, S Saravanan, G Jagadeesh, KPJ Reddy
Physics of Fluids 17 (3), 036102, 2005
Successful treatment of biofilm infections using shock waves combined with antibiotic therapy
DP Gnanadhas, M Elango, S Janardhanraj, CS Srinandan, A Datey, ...
Scientific reports 5 (1), 1-12, 2015
Film cooling at hypersonic Mach numbers using forward facing array of micro-jets
R Sriram, G Jagadeesh
International journal of heat and mass transfer 52 (15-16), 3654-3664, 2009
Aerodynamic drag reduction by heat addition into the shock layer for a large angle blunt cone in hypersonic flow
V Kulkarni, GM Hegde, G Jagadeesh, E Arunan, KPJ Reddy
Physics of Fluids 20 (8), 081703, 2008
Industrial applications of shock waves
G Jagadeesh
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part G: Journal of …, 2008
Studies on unsteady shock interactions near a generic scramjet inlet
D Mahapatra, G Jagadeesh
AIAA journal 47 (9), 2223-2232, 2009
Silver nanoparticle synthesis: novel route for laser triggering of polyelectrolyte capsules
S Anandhakumar, SP Vijayalakshmi, G Jagadeesh, AM Raichur
ACS applied materials & interfaces 3 (9), 3419-3424, 2011
Design and analysis of a flat accelerometer-based force balance system for shock tunnel testing
N Sahoo, DR Mahapatra, G Jagadeesh, S Gopalakrishnan, KPJ Reddy
Measurement 40 (1), 93-106, 2007
Shock waves can enhance bacterial transformation with plasmid DNA
G Jagadeesh, KN Nataraja, M Udayakumar
Current Science 87 (6), 734-735, 2004
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