Bernard McKenna
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Wisdom principles as a meta-theoretical basis for evaluating leadership
B McKenna, D Rooney, KB Boal
The Leadership Quarterly 20 (2), 177-190, 2009
Critical discourse studies: where to from here?
B McKenna
Critical Discourse Studies 1 (1), 9-39, 2004
Leaders’ personal wisdom and leader–member exchange quality: The role of individualized consideration
H Zacher, LK Pearce, D Rooney, B McKenna
Journal of business ethics 121 (2), 171-187, 2014
Wisdom and management in the knowledge economy
D Rooney, B Mckenna, P Liesch
Routledge, 2011
Technocratic discourse: A primer
BJ McKenna, P Graham
Journal of technical writing and communication 30 (3), 223-252, 2000
Wisdom in organizations: Whence and whither
D Rooney, B McKenna
Social Epistemology 21 (2), 113-138, 2007
Wisdom in public administration: looking for a sociology of wise practice
D Rooney, B McKenna
Public Administration Review 68 (4), 709-721, 2008
How engineers write: An empirical study of engineering report writing
B McKenna
Applied linguistics 18 (2), 189-211, 1997
Are we there yet? A technique to determine theoretical saturation
T Rowlands, N Waddell, B McKenna
Journal of Computer Information Systems 56 (1), 40-47, 2016
Knowledge policy: challenges for the 21st century
G Hearn
Edward Elgar Pub, 2008
Should the knowledge‐based economy be a savant or a sage? Wisdom and socially intelligent innovation
D Rooney, B McKenna
Prometheus 23 (3), 307-323, 2005
Effects of self-reported wisdom on happiness: Not much more than emotional intelligence?
H Zacher, B McKenna, D Rooney
Journal of Happiness Studies 14 (6), 1697-1716, 2013
Negotiating with Chinese: success of initial meetings is the key
Y Zhu, B McKenna, Z Sun
Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal, 2007
A theoretical and analytical synthesis of autopoiesis and sociolinguistics for the study of organisational communication
P Graham, B McKenna
Social Semiotics 10 (1), 41-59, 2000
Wisdom management: Tensions between theory and practice in practice
B McKenna, D Rooney
KMAP 2005 Knowledge Management in Asia Pacific Conference: Building a …, 2011
History of Ideas in Management Communication Quarterly
D Rooney, B McKenna, JR Barker
Management Communication Quarterly 25 (4), 583-611, 2011
Wise leadership and the capacity for ontological acuity
B McKenna, D Rooney
Management Communication Quarterly 21 (4), 537-546, 2008
Media-ted political oratory following terrorist events: International political responses to the 2005 London bombing
B McKenna, N Waddell
Journal of Language and Politics 6 (3), 377-399, 2007
Career Adapt-Abilities Scale—Iran Form: Psychometric properties and relationships with career satisfaction and entrepreneurial intentions
B McKenna, H Zacher, FS Ardabili, H Mohebbi
Journal of Vocational Behavior 93, 81-91, 2016
Wisdom and narcissism as predictors of transformational leadership
CE Greaves, H Zacher, B McKenna, D Rooney
Leadership & Organization Development Journal, 2014
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