Janet AW Elliott
Janet AW Elliott
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Mesenchymal stromal cells derived from various tissues: biological, clinical and cryopreservation aspects
LA Marquez-Curtis, A Janowska-Wieczorek, LE McGann, JAW Elliott
Cryobiology 71 (2), 181-197, 2015
The promise of organ and tissue preservation to transform medicine
S Giwa, JK Lewis, L Alvarez, R Langer, AE Roth, GM Church, ...
Nature biotechnology 35 (6), 530, 2017
Roles of various bitumen components in the stability of water-in-diluted-bitumen emulsions
Z Yan, JAW Elliott, JH Masliyah
Journal of colloid and interface science 220 (2), 329-337, 1999
Solidification of colloidal suspensions
SSL Peppin, JAW Elliott, MG Worster
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 554, 147, 2006
Intercellular ice propagation: experimental evidence for ice growth through membrane pores
JP Acker, JAW Elliott, LE McGann
Biophysical journal 81 (3), 1389-1397, 2001
The water to ice transition: implications for living cells
K Muldrew, JP Acker, JAW Elliott, LE McGann
Life in the frozen state, 93-134, 2004
Temperature programmed desorption: A statistical rate theory approach
JAW Elliott, CA Ward
The Journal of chemical physics 106 (13), 5677-5684, 1997
Osmotic transport across cell membranes in nondilute solutions: a new nondilute solute transport equation
HY Elmoazzen, JAW Elliott, LE McGann
Biophysical journal 96 (7), 2559-2571, 2009
Statistical rate theory description of beam-dosing adsorption kinetics
JAW Elliott, CA Ward
The Journal of chemical physics 106 (13), 5667-5676, 1997
Flexible and self-healing aqueous supercapacitors for low temperature applications: polyampholyte gel electrolytes with biochar electrodes
X Li, L Liu, X Wang, YS Ok, JAW Elliott, SX Chang, HJ Chung
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-11, 2017
A multisolute osmotic virial equation for solutions of interest in biology
JAW Elliott, RC Prickett, HY Elmoazzen, KR Porter, LE McGann
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 111 (7), 1775-1785, 2007
Measurement of freezing point depression of water in glass capillaries and the associated ice front shape
Z Liu, K Muldrew, RG Wan, JAW Elliott
Physical Review E 67 (6), 061602, 2003
Application of the osmotic virial equation in cryobiology
RC Prickett, JAW Elliott, LE McGann
Cryobiology 60 (1), 30-42, 2010
Dimethyl sulfoxide toxicity kinetics in intact articular cartilage
HY Elmoazzen, A Poovadan, GK Law, JAW Elliott, LE McGann, ...
Cell and tissue banking 8 (2), 125, 2007
Thermodynamic investigation of the barrier for heterogeneous nucleation on a fluid surface in comparison with a rigid surface
F Eslami, JAW Elliott
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 115 (36), 10646-10653, 2011
Vitrification of intact human articular cartilage
NM Jomha, JAW Elliott, GK Law, B Maghdoori, JF Forbes, A Abazari, ...
Biomaterials 33 (26), 6061-6068, 2012
Cryoprotective agent toxicity interactions in human articular chondrocytes
KA Almansoori, V Prasad, JF Forbes, GK Law, LE McGann, JAW Elliott, ...
Cryobiology 64 (3), 185-191, 2012
A biomechanical triphasic approach to the transport of nondilute solutions in articular cartilage
A Abazari, JAW Elliott, GK Law, LE McGann, NM Jomha
Biophysical journal 97 (12), 3054-3064, 2009
Cryoprotectant agent toxicity in porcine articular chondrocytes
NM Jomha, ADH Weiss, JF Forbes, GK Law, JAW Elliott, LE McGann
Cryobiology 61 (3), 297-302, 2010
Some observations on the contraction behavior of a water-in-oil drop with attached solids
SO Asekomhe, R Chiang, JH Masliyah, JAW Elliott
Industrial & engineering chemistry research 44 (5), 1241-1249, 2005
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