Julien Ugon
Julien Ugon
Senior Lecturer, Deakin University
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Compiling and using input–output frameworks through collaborative virtual laboratories
M Lenzen, A Geschke, T Wiedmann, J Lane, N Anderson, T Baynes, ...
Science of the Total Environment 485, 241-251, 2014
Fast modified global k-means algorithm for incremental cluster construction
AM Bagirov, J Ugon, D Webb
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Coverage in WLAN with minimum number of access points
S Kouhbor, J Ugon, A Rubinov, A Kruger, M Mammadov
2006 IEEE 63rd Vehicular Technology Conference 3, 1166-1170, 2006
Optimal placement of access point in WLAN based on a new algorithm
S Kouhbor, J Ugon, A Kruger, A Rubinov
International Conference on Mobile Business (ICMB'05), 592-598, 2005
Nonsmooth DC programming approach to the minimum sum-of-squares clustering problems
AM Bagirov, S Taheri, J Ugon
Pattern Recognition 53, 12-24, 2016
Piecewise partially separable functions and a derivative-free algorithm for large scale nonsmooth optimization
AM Bagirov, J Ugon
Journal of Global Optimization 35 (2), 163-195, 2006
Codifferential method for minimizing nonsmooth DC functions
AM Bagirov, J Ugon
Journal of Global Optimization 50 (1), 3-22, 2011
Nonsmooth nonconvex optimization approach to clusterwise linear regression problems
AM Bagirov, J Ugon, H Mirzayeva
European Journal of Operational Research 229 (1), 132-142, 2013
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AM Bagirov, J Ugon, D Webb
Information Systems 36 (4), 782-790, 2011
An algorithm for minimizing clustering functions
AM Bagirov, J Ugon
Optimization 54 (4-5), 351-368, 2005
Implementation of novel methods of global and nonsmooth optimization: GANSO programming library
G Beliakov, J Ugon
Optimization 56 (5-6), 543-546, 2007
A novel piecewise linear classifier based on polyhedral conic and max–min separabilities
AM Bagirov, J Ugon, D Webb, G Ozturk, R Kasimbeyli
Top 21 (1), 3-24, 2013
Classes and clusters in data analysis
AM Rubinov, NV Soukhoroukova, J Ugon
European Journal of Operational Research 173 (3), 849-865, 2006
Classification through incremental max–min separability
AM Bagirov, J Ugon, D Webb, B Karasözen
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A global multi-region input-output time series at high country and sector detail
M Lenzen, K Kanemoto, A Geschke, D Moran, P Muñoz, J Ugon, R Wood, ...
18th International Conference on Input-Output Analysis, 30, 2010
Nonsmooth optimization algorithm for solving clusterwise linear regression problems
AM Bagirov, J Ugon, HG Mirzayeva
Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications 164 (3), 755-780, 2015
Patient admission prediction using a pruned fuzzy min–max neural network with rule extraction
J Wang, CP Lim, D Creighton, A Khorsavi, S Nahavandi, J Ugon, ...
Neural Computing and Applications 26 (2), 277-289, 2015
Duality Gap, Computational Complexity and NP Completeness: A Survey
P Manyem
arXiv preprint arXiv:1012.5568, 2010
A new algorithm for the placement of WLAN access points based on nonsmooth optimization technique
S Kouhbor, J Ugon, A Kruger, A Rubinov, P Branch
The 7th International Conference on Advanced Communication Technology, 2005 …, 2005
Supervised data classification via max-min separability
AM Bagirov, J Ugon
Continuous Optimization, 175-207, 2005
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