Emanuel AXENTE
Emanuel AXENTE
Senior Scientist, INFLPR
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Comparative investigation of solar cell thin film processing using nanosecond and femtosecond lasers
J Hermann, M Benfarah, S Bruneau, E Axente, G Coustillier, T Itina, ...
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 39 (3), 453, 2006
Anatase phase TiO2 thin films obtained by pulsed laser deposition for gas sensing applications
E György, G Socol, E Axente, IN Mihailescu, C Ducu, S Ciuca
Applied Surface Science 247 (1-4), 429-433, 2005
Selective ablation of thin films with short and ultrashort laser pulses
J Hermann, M Benfarah, G Coustillier, S Bruneau, E Axente, ...
Applied Surface Science 252 (13), 4814-4818, 2006
Pulsed laser deposition of transparent conductive oxide thin films on flexible substrates
G Socol, M Socol, N Stefan, E Axente, G Popescu-Pelin, D Craciun, ...
Applied surface science 260, 42-46, 2012
Correlation between ablation efficiency and nanoparticle generation during the short-pulse laser ablation of metals
J Hermann, S Noël, TE Itina, E Axente, ME Povarnitsyn
Laser Physics 18 (4), 374-379, 2008
Ultra-fast laser ablation applied to deep-drilling of metals
S Bruneau, J Hermann, G Dumitru, M Sentis, E Axente
Applied surface science 248 (1-4), 299-303, 2005
Nanostructured ZnO coatings grown by pulsed laser deposition for optical gas sensing of butane
T Mazingue, L Escoubas, L Spalluto, F Flory, G Socol, C Ristoscu, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 98 (7), 074312, 2005
Strontium and zoledronate hydroxyapatites graded composite coatings for bone prostheses
E Boanini, P Torricelli, F Sima, E Axente, M Fini, IN Mihailescu, A Bigi
Journal of colloid and interface science 448, 1-7, 2015
Quantitative analyses of glass via laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy in argon
C Gerhard, J Hermann, L Mercadier, L Loewenthal, E Axente, ...
Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy 101, 32-45, 2014
Combinatorial matrix-assisted pulsed laser evaporation: single-step synthesis of biopolymer compositional gradient thin film assemblies
F Sima, E Axente, LE Sima, U Tuyel, MS Eroglu, N Serban, C Ristoscu, ...
Applied Physics Letters 101 (23), 233705, 2012
Tailoring of optical, compositional and electrical properties of the InxZn1− xO thin films obtained by combinatorial pulsed laser deposition
G Socol, AC Galca, CR Luculescu, A Stanculescu, M Socol, N Stefan, ...
Digest Journal of Nanomaterials and Biostructures 6 (1), 107-115, 2011
Matrix assisted pulsed laser evaporation processing of triacetate-pullulan polysaccharide thin films for drug delivery systems
R Cristescu, G Dorcioman, C Ristoscu, E Axente, S Grigorescu, ...
Applied surface science 252 (13), 4647-4651, 2006
Biocompatible and bioactive coatings of Mn2+-doped β-tricalcium phosphate synthesized by pulsed laser deposition
F Sima, G Socol, E Axente, IN Mihailescu, L Zdrentu, SM Petrescu, ...
Applied Surface Science 254 (4), 1155-1159, 2007
Influence of in situ nitrogen pressure on crystallization of pulsed laser deposited AlN films
S Bakalova, A Szekeres, A Cziraki, CP Lungu, S Grigorescu, G Socol, ...
Applied surface science 253 (19), 8215-8219, 2007
Polycaprolactone biopolymer thin films obtained by matrix assisted pulsed laser evaporation
R Cristescu, A Doraiswamy, G Socol, S Grigorescu, E Axente, ...
Applied surface science 253 (15), 6476-6479, 2007
Combinatorial MAPLE gradient thin film assemblies signalling to human osteoblasts
E Axente, F Sima, LE Sima, M Erginer, MS Eroglu, N Serban, C Ristoscu, ...
Biofabrication 6 (3), 035010, 2014
Subpicosecond laser ablation of copper and fused silica: Initiation threshold and plasma expansion
E Axente, S Noël, J Hermann, M Sentis, IN Mihailescu
Applied surface science 255 (24), 9734-9737, 2009
Accurate analysis of indium–zinc oxide thin films via laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy based on plasma modeling
E Axente, J Hermann, G Socol, L Mercadier, SA Beldjilali, M Cirisan, ...
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 29 (3), 553-564, 2014
Comparative investigation of laser ablation plumes in air and argon by analysis of spectral line shapes: Insights on calibration-free laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
J Hermann, C Gerhard, E Axente, C Dutouquet
Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy 100, 189-196, 2014
Amorphous SnSe~ 2 films
F Sava, A Lorinczi, M Popescu, G Socol, E Axente, IN Mihailescu, M Nistor
Journal of optoelectronics and advanced materials 8 (4), 1367, 2006
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