Mahrokh G. Shayesteh
Mahrokh G. Shayesteh
Department of Electrical Engineering, Urmia University üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
On the error probability of linearly modulated signals on frequency-flat Ricean, Rayleigh, and AWGN channels
MG Shayesteh, A Aghamohammadi
IEEE Transactions on Communications 43 (2/3/4), 1454-1466, 1995
Robust timing and frequency synchronization for OFDM systems
H Abdzadeh-Ziabari, MG Shayesteh
IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology 60 (8), 3646-3656, 2011
Robust algorithm for brain magnetic resonance image (MRI) classification based on GARCH variances series
H Kalbkhani, MG Shayesteh, B Zali-Vargahan
Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 8 (6), 909-919, 2013
Efficient contrast enhancement of images using hybrid ant colony optimisation, genetic algorithm, and simulated annealing
P Hoseini, MG Shayesteh
Digital Signal Processing 23 (3), 879-893, 2013
FIR filter design using a new window function
MG Shayesteh, M Mottaghi-Kashtiban
2009 16th International Conference on Digital Signal Processing, 1-6, 2009
New efficient window function, replacement for the hamming window
M Mottaghi-Kashtiban, MG Shayesteh
IET Signal Processing 5 (5), 499-505, 2011
Stockwell transform for epileptic seizure detection from EEG signals
H Kalbkhani, MG Shayesteh
Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 38, 108-118, 2017
High speed detection of potato and clod using an acoustic based intelligent system
A Hosainpour, MH Komarizade, A Mahmoudi, MG Shayesteh
Expert Systems with Applications 38 (10), 12101-12106, 2011
Classification of wood surface defects with hybrid usage of statistical and textural features
A Mahram, MG Shayesteh, S Jafarpour
2012 35th International Conference on Telecommunications and Signal …, 2012
Recognition of different datasets using PCA, LDA, and various classifiers
N Panahi, MG Shayesteh, S Mihandoost, BZ Varghahan
2011 5th International Conference on Application of Information and …, 2011
An improved timing estimation method for OFDM systems
H Abdzadeh-Ziabari, MG Shayesteh, M Manaffar
IEEE Transactions on Consumer Electronics 56 (4), 2098-2105, 2010
Framework for image retrieval using machine learning and statistical similarity matching techniques
M Fakheri, T Sedghi, MG Shayesteh, MC Amirani
IET Image Processing 7 (1), 1-11, 2013
Adaptive handover algorithm in heterogeneous femtocellular networks based on received signal strength and signal-to-interference-plus-noise ratio prediction
H Kalbkhani, S Yousefi, MG Shayesteh
IET Communications 8 (17), 3061-3071, 2014
A new method in assessing sugar beet leaf nitrogen status through color image processing and artificial neural network
PA Moghaddam, MH Derafshi, M Shayesteh
Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment 8 (2), 485-489, 2010
Spread-time CDMA resistance in fading channels
MG Shayesteh, JA Salehi, M Nasiri-Kenari
IEEE transactions on wireless communications 2 (3), 446-458, 2003
Bi-level image compression technique using neural networks
S Sahami, MG Shayesteh
IET image processing 6 (5), 496-506, 2012
A novel preamble-based frame timing estimator for OFDM systems
H Abdzadeh-Ziabari, MG Shayesteh
IEEE communications letters 16 (7), 1121-1124, 2012
Resource allocation in integrated femto–macrocell networks based on location awareness
H Kalbkhani, V Solouk, MG Shayesteh
IET Communications 9 (7), 917-932, 2015
Forensic detection of image manipulation using the Zernike moments and pixel-pair histogram
M Shabanifard, MG Shayesteh, MA Akhaee
IET Image Processing 7 (9), 817-828, 2013
Efficient algorithms for detection of face, eye and eye state
H Kalbkhani, MG Shayesteh, SM Mousavi
IET Computer Vision 7 (3), 184-200, 2013
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