Badri Narayan Rath
Badri Narayan Rath
Professor of Economics, Indian Institute of Technology Hyderabad, India üzerinde doğrulanmış e-posta adresine sahip
Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Nonlinear causality between crude oil price and exchange rate: A comparative study of China and India
DP Bal, BN Rath
Energy Economics 51, 149-156, 2015
Does the Indian financial market nosedive because of the COVID-19 outbreak, in comparison to after demonetisation and the GST?
AK Mishra, BN Rath, AK Dash
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Public debt and economic growth in India: A reassessment
DP Bal, BN Rath
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Evidence of Wagner's law from Indian states
S Narayan, BN Rath, PK Narayan
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The productivity-wage and productivity-employment nexus: a panel data analysis of Indian manufacturing
M Bhattacharya, PK Narayan, S Popp, BN Rath
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BN Rath, V Akram, DP Bal, MK Mahalik
Energy policy 127, 186-199, 2019
Productivity growth and efficiency change: Comparing manufacturing-and service-based firms in India
BN Rath
Economic Modelling 70, 447-457, 2018
Determinants of bank profitability in the post-reform period: Evidence from India
K Seenaiah, BN Rath, A Samantaraya
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Determinants of innovation in selected manufacturing firms in India: Role of R&D and exports
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M Jayashankar, BN Rath
Studies in Economics and Finance, 2017
Does the digital divide across countries lead to convergence? New international evidence
BN Rath
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Spot electricity price discovery in Indian electricity market
GP Girish, BN Rath, V Akram
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 82, 73-79, 2018
Export diversification and total factor productivity growth in case of South Asian region
BN Rath, V Akram
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Do information and communication technologies foster economic growth in Indonesia?
BN Rath, D Hermawan
Buletin Ekonomi Moneter dan Perbankan 22 (1), 103-122, 2019
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Indian electricity market
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Do fdi and public investment crowd in or crowd out private domestic investment in India
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V Akram, BN Rath, PK Sahoo
Economic Analysis and Policy 65, 224-240, 2020
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