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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Research note—perceived firm attributes and intrinsic motivation in sponsored open source software projects
S Spaeth, G von Krogh, VF He
Information Systems Research 26 (1), 224-237, 2015
Keep Calm and Carry On: Emotion Regulation in Entrepreneurs’ Learning from Failure
VF He, C Sirén, S Singh, G Solomon, G von Krogh
Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 2018
Algorithm supported induction for building theory: How can we use prediction models to theorize?
YR Shrestha, VF He, P Puranam, G von Krogh
Organization Science, 2020
Resolving governance disputes in communities: A study of software license decisions
VF He, P Puranam, YR Shrestha, G von Krogh
Strategic Management Journal 41 (10), 1837-1868, 2020
Leader emergence in nascent venture teams: the critical roles of individual emotion regulation and team emotions
C Sirén, VF He, H Wesemann, Z Jonassen, D Grichnik, G von Krogh
Journal of Management Studies 57 (5), 931-961, 2020
Demystifying industry–academia collaboration
T Gersdorf, VF He, A Schlesinger, G Koch, D Ehrismann, H Widmer, ...
Nature Review Drug Discoveries, 2019
Offsetting the diminishing returns of failure experience: The role of emotion regulation
VF He, CA Sirén, S Singh, GT Solomon
Academy of Management Proceedings 2013 (1), 14975, 2013
Creativity under Time Pressure? When Resources Buffer Energy Depletion
P Tinguely, SM Ben-Menahem, VF He, G von Krogh
Academy of Management Proceedings 2019 (1), 12595, 2019
Expertise diversity, informal leadership hierarchy, and team knowledge creation: A study of pharmaceutical research collaborations
VF He, GF von Krogh, C Sirén
Organization Studies, 01708406211026114, 2021
Collaborative Organizing for Innovation and Entrepreneurship
The Effect of Framing in New Venture Team Formation: Identifying with the Idea or Team?
D Grichnik, G von Krogh, V Fang He, C Sirén, CH Wesemann, Z Jonassen
“What is innovation anyway?”-Creation of Concertive and Formal Control for Innovation Processes
C Wedl, SM Ben-Menahem, VF He, G Von Krogh
Academy of Management Proceedings 2018 (1), 17427, 2018
Suppress or Reappraise Your Emotion? Leader Emergence in Nascent Venture Teams
C Sirén, D Grichnik, G von Krogh, H Wesemann, V Fang He, Z Jonassen
Academy of Management Global Proceedings, 281, 2018
Many Conductors, One Symphony? Leading Knowledge Creation in Multidisciplinary Teams
CT Gersdorf, F He, G Von Krogh
Academy of Management Proceedings 2017 (1), 13718, 2017
The social justification of creative ideas: An inductive study of drug discovery teams
AE Schneider, VF He, Z Erden
Academy of Management Proceedings 2014 (1), 15208, 2014
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