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Econometrics Letters
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Nonlinearity and Smooth Breaks in Unit Root Testing
T Omay, D Yildirim
Cluster sample inference using sensitivity analysis: The case with few groups
J Vikström
Working paper//IFAU-Institute for Labour Market Policy Evaluation, 2009
Foreign direct investment and environmental pollution: new evidence from China
M Yan, Z An
Econometrics Letters 4 (1), 1-17, 2017
A survey about smooth transition panel data analysis
T Omay
Econometrics Letters 1 (1), 18-29, 2014
Still staying away: Women and the economics major–evidence from two Southern liberal arts colleges
FH Smith, C Zenker
Econometrics Letters 1 (2), 1-7, 2014
A Reinvestigation of the Hysteresis Hypothesis in the OECD Countries
M Tartici
Cross-section Dependency and the Effects of Nonlinearity in Panel Unit Testing
F Emirmahmutoðlu
Econometrics Letters 1 (1), 30-36, 2014
Does Financial Development Volatility Affect Growth Volatility of Industries In Pakistan?
SF Iftikhar, W Abbas
Econometrics Letters 3 (2), 15-27, 2016
Testing for a unit root in the presence of a nonlinear trend: The case of Australian Reel Exchange Rate
M Hasanov
Econometrics Letters 1 (1), 10-17, 2014
Business Cycle Analysis for the Midland-Odessa Petroplex
E Downs, TM Fullerton Jr
Econometrics Letters 4 (2), 34-49, 2017
Structural Break, Nonlinearity and the Hysteresis hypothesis: Evidence from new unit root tests
Z Oflaz
Econometrics Letters 4 (2), 1-16, 2017
Panel Co-integration between Economic Growth and Non-tax revenue among Indian States
AK Pandey, A Dixit
Econometrics Letters 4 (2), 17-33, 2017
The Fiscal Impacts of Privatization Reforms in Pakistan: A Dynamic Analysis
AA Qureshi, SF Iftikhar, MH Ahmed
Econometrics Letters 4 (1), 17-32, 2017
Do Regional Differentials in Economic Freedom Yield Regional Unemployment Rate Differentials in the US? A Brief Exploratory Note Adopting Panel Data Analysis
RJ Cebula
Econometrics Letters 3 (1), 11-25, 2016
Determinants of Secondhand Smoke Exposure in Turkey: Findings from the Global Adult Tobacco Survey
Z Elitas, D Pekkurnaz
Econometrics Letters 3 (2), 1-14, 2016
Cluster Sample Inference with Very Few Groups
J Vikström
Econometrics Letters 3 (1), 1-10, 2016
Reflections and Comments on Randomness
L Özbek
Econometrics Letters 3 (2), 28-33, 2016
Estimating the attributes of willingness to pay for a community based health insurance scheme in Odisha state, India
D John, V Kumar
Econometrics Letters 2 (2), 12-33, 2015
The gray area: high school dropout likelihood among skin tone levels of black males
Y Fadlon, S Tripp
Econometrics Letters 2 (2), 1-11, 2015
Re-examining the PPP Hypothesis via Nonlinearity and Smooth Breaks
B Kurtaran
Econometrics Letters 2 (1), 1-21, 2015
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