Cecilia Alonso
Cecilia Alonso
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
High local and global diversity of Flavobacteria in marine plankton
C Alonso, F Warnecke, R Amann, J Pernthaler
Environmental microbiology 9 (5), 1253-1266, 2007
Roseobacter and SAR11 dominate microbial glucose uptake in coastal North Sea waters
C Alonso, J Pernthaler
Environmental microbiology 8 (11), 2022-2030, 2006
Distinct flavobacterial communities in contrasting water masses of the North Atlantic Ocean
PR Gomez-Pereira, BM Fuchs, C Alonso, MJ Oliver, JEE Van Beusekom, ...
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The ocean sampling day consortium
A Kopf, M Bicak, R Kottmann, J Schnetzer, I Kostadinov, K Lehmann, ...
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Environmental warming in shallow lakes: a review of potential changes in community structure as evidenced from space-for-time substitution approaches
M Meerhoff, F Teixeira-de Mello, C Kruk, C Alonso, ...
Advances in ecological research 46, 259-349, 2012
Incorporation of glucose under anoxic conditions by bacterioplankton from coastal North Sea surface waters
C Alonso, J Pernthaler
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 71 (4), 1709-1716, 2005
Blooms of single bacterial species in a coastal lagoon of the southwestern Atlantic Ocean
C Piccini, D Conde, C Alonso, R Sommaruga, J Pernthaler
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 72 (10), 6560-6568, 2006
Concentration-dependent patterns of leucine incorporation by coastal picoplankton
C Alonso, J Pernthaler
Applied and environmental microbiology 72 (3), 2141-2147, 2006
Strong linkages between DOM optical properties and main clades of aquatic bacteria
V Amaral, D Graeber, D Calliari, C Alonso
Limnology and Oceanography 61 (3), 906-918, 2016
An annual cycle of dimethylsulfoniopropionate‐sulfur and leucine assimilating bacterioplankton in the coastal NW Mediterranean
M Vila‐Costa, J Pinhassi, C Alonso, J Pernthaler, R Simó
Environmental microbiology 9 (10), 2451-2463, 2007
Alteration of renal carnitine metabolism by anticonvulsant treatment
MF Camina, I Rozas, M Castro-Gago, JM Paz, C Alonso, ...
Neurology 41 (9), 1444-1444, 1991
Global patterns and drivers of ecosystem functioning in rivers and riparian zones
SD Tiegs, DM Costello, MW Isken, G Woodward, PB McIntyre, ...
Science Advances 5 (1), eaav0486, 2019
Analysis of the hydrographic conditions and cyst beds in the San Jorge Gulf, Argentina, that favor dinoflagellate population development including toxigenic species and their …
B Krock, CM Borel, F Barrera, U Tillmann, E Fabro, GO Almandoz, ...
Journal of Marine Systems 148, 86-100, 2015
Ecophysiological differences of betaproteobacterial populations in two hydrochemically distinct compartments of a subtropical lagoon
C Alonso, M Zeder, C Piccini, D Conde, J Pernthaler
Environmental microbiology 11 (4), 867-876, 2009
Cerebral oxygenation in children with syncope during head-upright tilt test
A Rodríguez–Núñez, J Couceiro, C Alonso, J Eiris, M Fuster, L Sanchez, ...
Pediatric cardiology 18 (6), 406-409, 1997
Multilevel analysis of the bacterial diversity along the environmental gradient Río de la Plata–South Atlantic Ocean
C Alonso, P Gómez-Pereira, A Ramette, L Ortega, BM Fuchs, R Amann
Aquatic microbial ecology 61 (1), 57-72, 2010
Short-term effects of administration of anticonvulsant drugs on free carnitine and acylcarnitine in mouse serum and tissues.
MF Camina, I Rozas, M Gomez, JM Paz, C Alonso, S Rodriguez-Segade
British journal of pharmacology 103 (1), 1179, 1991
Morphological traits variability reflects light limitation of phytoplankton production in a highly productive subtropical estuary (Río de la Plata, South America)
C Kruk, A Martínez, L Nogueira, C Alonso, D Calliari
Marine Biology 162 (2), 331-341, 2015
Effects of acute valproate administration on carnitine metabolism in mouse serum and tissues
I Rozas, MF Camĩna, JM Paz, C Alonso, M Castro-Gago, ...
Biochemical pharmacology 39 (1), 181-185, 1990
HISH–SIMS analysis of bacterial uptake of algal-derived carbon in the Río de la Plata estuary
C Alonso, N Musat, B Adam, M Kuypers, R Amann
Systematic and applied microbiology 35 (8), 541-548, 2012
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