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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Influence of surface roughness on corrosion and tribological behavior of CP-Ti after thermal oxidation treatment
E Arslan, Y Totik, E Demirci, A Alsaran
Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance 19 (3), 428-433, 2010
Optimization of the coating parameters for micro-arc oxidation of Cp-Ti
Y Vangolu, E Arslan, Y Totik, E Demirci, A Alsaran
Surface and Coatings Technology 205 (6), 1764-1773, 2010
Analysis of genetic and epigenetic effects of maize seeds in response to heavy metal (Zn) stress
FA Erturk, G Agar, E Arslan, G Nardemir
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 22 (13), 10291-10297, 2015
Protective role of humic acids against dicamba-induced genotoxicity and DNA methylation in Phaseolus vulgaris L.
N Yildirim, G Agar, MS Taspinar, M Turan, M Aydin, E Arslan
Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica, Section B–Soil & Plant Science 64 (2), 141-148, 2014
Effect of heat treatment on TiN films deposited by CFUBMS
E Arslan, İ Efeoğlu
Materials characterization 53 (1), 29-34, 2004
Effect of annealing on adhesion of TiB2 films deposited by pulsed magnetron sputtering
E Arslan, Y Totik, A Celik, I Efeoglu
Surface engineering 26 (8), 567-570, 2010
Determination of genomic instability and DNA methylation effects of Cr on maize (Zea mays L.) using RAPD and CRED-RA analysis
FA Erturk, G Agar, E Arslan, G Nardemir, Z Sahin
Acta Physiologiae Plantarum 36 (6), 1529-1537, 2014
Determination of genetic and epigenetic effects of glyphosate on Triticum aestivum with RAPD and CRED-RA techniques
G Nardemir, G Agar, E Arslan, FA Erturk
Theoretical and Experimental Plant Physiology 27 (2), 131-139, 2015
Aluminum-induced changes on DNA damage, DNA methylation and LTR retrotransposon polymorphism in maize
MS Taspinar, M Aydin, B Sigmaz, S Yagci, E Arslan, G Agar
Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering 43 (1), 123-131, 2018
Determination of genotoxic effects of boron and zinc on Zea mays using protein and random amplification of polymorphic DNA analyses
FA Erturk, G Nardemir, AY Hilal, E Arslan, G Agar
Toxicology and Industrial Health 31 (11), 1015-1023, 2015
Effects of As2O3 on DNA methylation, genomic instability, and LTR retrotransposon polymorphism in Zea mays
FA Erturk, M Aydin, B Sigmaz, MS Taspinar, E Arslan, G Agar, S Yagci
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 22 (23), 18601-18606, 2015
The role of putrescine against the long terminal repeat (LTR) retrotransposon polymorphisms induced by salinity stress in Triticum aestivum
B Sigmaz, G Agar, E Arslan, M Aydin, MS Taspinar
Acta Physiologiae Plantarum 37 (11), 251, 2015
Analyses of somaclonal variation in endosperm-supported mature embryo culture of rye (Secale cereale L.)
M Aydin, E Arslan, MS Taspinar, G Karadayi, G Agar
Biotechnology & Biotechnological Equipment 30 (6), 1082-1089, 2016
Structural, mechanical and corrosion properties of NbN films deposited using dc and pulsed dc reactive magnetron sputtering
E Arslan
Surface engineering 26 (8), 615-619, 2010
5-Aminolevulinic acid improves DNA damage and DNA Methylation changes in deltamethrin-exposed Phaseolus vulgaris seedlings
MS Taspinar, M Aydin, E Arslan, M Yaprak, G Agar
Plant Physiology and Biochemistry 118, 267-273, 2017
Effects of lead sulfate on genetic and epigenetic changes, and endogenous hormone levels in corn (Zea mays L.)
FA Erturk, G Agar, E Arslan, G Nardemir, M Aydin, MS Taspinar
Pol J Environ Stud 23, 1925-1932, 2014
Cytogenetic and epigenetic alterations by cobalt and nickel on Zea mays L
FA Erturk, G Agar, G Nardemir, E Arslan
Toxicological & Environmental Chemistry 97 (10), 1350-1362, 2015
Molecular determination of genotoxic effects of manganese (Mn) on maize (Zea mays L.) by RAPD
FA Erturk, G Agar, E Arslan, G Nardemir, S Bozari
Journal of Biotechnology, 31, 2012
Salinity induced alteration in DNA methylation pattern, enzyme activity, nutrient uptake and H
M Shams, E Yildirim, E Arslan, G Agar
Acta Physiologiae Plantarum 42 (59), 59, 2020
Auxin effects on somaclonal variation and plant regeneration from mature embryo of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)
M Aydin, MS Taspinar, E Arslan, B Sigmaz, G Agar
Pakistan Journal of Botany 47 (5), 1749-1757, 2015
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