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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Fixed points of α-type F-contractive mappings with an application to nonlinear fractional differential equation
D Gopal, M Abbas, DK Patel, C Vetro
Acta Mathematica Scientia 36 (3), 957-970, 2016
ON H+Type Multivalued Contractions and Applications in Symmetric and Probabilistic Spaces
P Patle, D Patel, H Aydi, S Radenović
Mathematics 7 (2), 144, 2019
Some nonunique common fixed point theorems in symmetric spaces through CLR (S, T) property
E Karapinar, DK Patel, M Imdad, D Gopal
International Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences 2013, 2013
Common fixed point theorems in modified intuitionistic fuzzy metric spaces with common property (E.A.)
M Tanveer, M Imdad, D Gopal, DK Patel
Fixed Point Theory and Applications 2012, 1-12, 2012
Common fixed points of generalized Meir-Keeler α-contractions
DK Patel, T Abdeljawad, D Gopal
Fixed Point Theory and Applications 2013, 1-16, 2013
Some coincidence and periodic points results in a metric space endowed with a graph and applications
M Abbas, D Gopal, DK Patel, C Vetro
Banach Journal of Mathematical Analysis 9 (3), 128-139, 2015
Some discussion on the existence of common fixed points for a pair of maps
DK Patel, P Kumam, D Gopal
Fixed point theory and applications 2013, 1-17, 2013
Darbo type best proximity point results via simulation function with application
PR Patle, DK Patel, R Arab
Afrika Matematika 31, 833-845, 2020
On fixed point theorems involving altering distances in Menger probabilistic metric spaces
T Došenović, P Kumam, D Gopal, DK Patel, A Takači
Journal of Inequalities and Applications 2013, 1-10, 2013
Influence of irrigation methods along with nitrogen and potash management on yield and nutrient uptake by potato
DK Patel, BM Patel, PT Patel, DM Patel, BJ Patel
Agricultural Science Digest-A Research Journal 32 (1), 38-42, 2012
Best proximity point results via measure of noncompactness and application
HK Nashine, R Arab, PR Patle, DK Patel
Numerical Functional Analysis and Optimization 42 (4), 430-442, 2021
Darbo type best proximity point (pair) results using measure of noncompactness with application
M Gabeleh, DK Patel, PR Patle
Fixed Point Theory 23 (1), 247-266, 2022
Proving common fixed point theorems for Lipchitz type mappings via absorbing pair
DKP D. Gopal, M. Imdad, M. Hasan
Bulletin of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 3 (4), 92-100, 2011
An alternative partial metric approach for the existence of common fixed point
PR Patle, V Rakocevic, DK Patel
Commun. Optim. Theory 2018, 15, 2018
Existence of solutions of implicit integral equations via Z-contraction
PR Patle, DK Patel
Carpathian Journal of Mathematics 34 (2), 239-246, 2018
Banach fixed point theorem and its generalizations
D Gopal, DK Patel, S Shukla
Background and Recent Developments of Metric Fixed Point Theory, 1-28, 2017
Fixed points of multivalued contractions via generalized class of simulation functions
DK Patel
Boletim da Sociedade Paranaense de Matemática 38 (3), 161-176, 2019
Effect of Irrigation Methods and Split Application of Nitrogen and Potash on Potato Processing Tuber Yield and Net Return under North Gujarat Conditions
DK Patel, PT Patel, BM Patel, DM Patel, BJ Patel
Agricultural Science Digest-A Research Journal 31 (2), 111-115, 2011
Existence of a solution of Hilfer fractional hybrid problems via new Krasnoselskii-type fixed point theorems
M Gabeleh, DK Patel, PR Patle, MDL Sen
Open Mathematics 19 (1), 450-469, 2021
Finding the Best Proximity Point of Generalized Multivalued Contractions with Applications
DK Patel, B Patel
Numerical Functional Analysis and Optimization 44 (15-16), 1602-1627, 2023
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