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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Reforming options for hydrogen production from fossil fuels for PEM fuel cells
A Ersoz, H Olgun, S Ozdogan
Journal of Power sources 154 (1), 67-73, 2006
Autothermal reforming as a hydrocarbon fuel processing option for PEM fuel cell
A Ersoz, H Olgun, S Ozdogan, C Gungor, F Akgun, M Tırıs
Journal of Power Sources 118 (1-2), 384-392, 2003
Energy and exergy analyses of selected Turkish industries
S Özdoĝan, M Arikol
Energy 20 (1), 73-80, 1995
Results with a bench scale downdraft biomass gasifier for agricultural and forestry residues
H Olgun, S Ozdogan, G Yinesor
Biomass and Bioenergy 35 (1), 572-580, 2011
Carbon and carbon monoxide hydrogenation on nickel: Support effects
SZ Ozdogan, PD Gochis, JL Falconer
Journal of catalysis 83 (2), 257-266, 1983
Investigation of the slow pyrolysis kinetics of olive oil pomace using thermo-gravimetric analysis coupled with mass spectrometry
U Özveren, ZS Özdoğan
Biomass and Bioenergy 58, 168-179, 2013
Simulation study of a proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell system with autothermal reforming
A Ersoz, H Olgun, S Ozdogan
Energy 31 (10-11), 1490-1500, 2006
Oxygen enriched combustion and co-combustion of lignites and biomass in a 30 kWth circulating fluidized bed
U Kayahan, S Özdoğan
Energy 116, 317-328, 2016
Simulation of biomass and/or coal gasification systems integrated with fuel cells
A Ersoz, S Ozdogan, E Caglayan, H Olgun
Sulfur removal from original and acid treated lignites by pyrolysis
D Uzun, S Özdoğan
Fuel 85 (3), 315-322, 2006
The behavior of sulphur forms of three lignites exposed to pyrolysis temperatures between 350 and 950 C
D Uzun, S Özdoğan
Fuel 83 (7-8), 1063-1070, 2004
Diesel evaporation as the first step of hydrogen production
A Sarioglan, H Olgun, M Baranak, A Ersoz, H Atakul, S Ozdogan
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 32 (14), 2895-2901, 2007
Correlations towards prediction of petroleum fraction viscosities: an empirical approach
S Özdoğan, HG Yücel
Fuel 80 (3), 447-449, 2001
Correlations for the sulfur contents of Turkish coals exposed to ashing and devolatilization conditions at 750° C and 950° C
D Uzun, S Özdoğan
Fuel 77 (14), 1599-1604, 1998
Simulation study of a PEM fuel cell system with steam reforming
H Olgun, A Ersoz, D Kaya, M Tiris, F Akgun, S Ozdogan
International journal of green energy 1 (3), 313-325, 2004
Formation and dispersion of toxic combustion by-products from small-scale combustion systems
S Özdogan, S Uygur, N Egrican
Energy 22 (7), 681-692, 1997
Ejector type solid circulation system analysis for circulating fluidized beds
S Gül, ZS Özdoğan
International Journal of Multiphase Flow 84, 116-128, 2016
Preliminary analyses of natural radionuclides in selected Turkish power plant lignites
N Öztürk, ZS Özdogan
Journal of radioanalytical and nuclear chemistry 259 (2), 233-237, 2004
Correlations towards prediction of petroleum fraction viscosities: a semi-theoretical approach
S Özdoğan, HG Yücel
Fuel 79 (10), 1209-1214, 2000
Estimation of CO2 emission factors of coals
S Özdoğan
Fuel 77 (14), 1605-1609, 1998
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