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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Conspiracist ideation in Britain and Austria: Evidence of a monological belief system and associations between individual psychological differences and real‐world and …
V Swami, R Coles, S Stieger, J Pietschnig, A Furnham, S Rehim, ...
British Journal of Psychology 102 (3), 443-463, 2011
One century of global IQ gains: A formal meta-analysis of the Flynn effect (1909–2013)
J Pietschnig, M Voracek
Perspectives on Psychological Science 10 (3), 282-306, 2015
Mozart effect–Shmozart effect: A meta-analysis
J Pietschnig, M Voracek, AK Formann
Intelligence 38 (3), 314-323, 2010
Meta-analysis of associations between human brain volume and intelligence differences: How strong are they and what do they mean?
J Pietschnig, L Penke, JM Wicherts, M Zeiler, M Voracek
Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews 57, 411-432, 2015
Lunar lies: The impact of informational framing and individual differences in shaping conspiracist beliefs about the moon landings
V Swami, J Pietschnig, US Tran, IW Nader, S Stieger, M Voracek
Applied Cognitive Psychology 27 (1), 71-80, 2013
Body image and personality: Associations between the Big Five Personality Factors, actual‐ideal weight discrepancy, and body appreciation
V Swami, US Tran, LH Brooks, L Kanaan, EM LUESSE, IW Nader, ...
Scandinavian Journal of Psychology 54 (2), 146-151, 2013
Has achievement goal theory been right? A meta-analysis of the relation between goal structures and personal achievement goals.
L Bardach, S Oczlon, J Pietschnig, M Lüftenegger
Journal of Educational Psychology 112 (6), 1197, 2020
Personality differences between tattooed and non-tattooed individuals
V Swami, J Pietschnig, B Bertl, IW Nader, S Stieger, M Voracek
Psychological reports 111 (1), 97-106, 2012
More or less than the sum of its parts? Mapping the Dark Triad of personality onto a single Dark Core
B Bertl, J Pietschnig, US Tran, S Stieger, M Voracek
Personality and individual differences 114, 140-144, 2017
Personality and individual difference correlates of attitudes toward human rights and civil liberties
V Swami, IW Nader, J Pietschnig, S Stieger, US Tran, M Voracek
Personality and Individual Differences 53 (4), 443-447, 2012
Further investigation of the validity and reliability of the Photographic Figure Rating Scale for body image assessment
V Swami, S Stieger, AS Harris, IW Nader, J Pietschnig, M Voracek, ...
Journal of Personality Assessment 94 (4), 404-409, 2012
An investigation of weight bias against women and its associations with individual difference factors
V Swami, J Pietschnig, S Stieger, MJ Tovee, M Voracek
Body Image 7 (3), 194-199, 2010
Digit ratio (2D: 4D) and sex-role orientation: Further evidence and meta-analysis
M Voracek, J Pietschnig, IW Nader, S Stieger
Personality and Individual Differences 51 (4), 417-422, 2011
A reversal of the Flynn effect for spatial perception in German-speaking countries: Evidence from a cross-temporal IRT-based meta-analysis (1977–2014)
J Pietschnig, G Gittler
Intelligence 53, 145-153, 2015
Pervasiveness of the IQ rise: A cross-temporal meta-analysis
J Pietschnig, M Voracek, AK Formann
PLoS One 5 (12), e14406, 2010
Prevalence and acceptance of tattoos and piercings: a survey of young adults from the southern German-speaking area of Central Europe
S Stieger, J Pietschnig, CK Kastner, M Voracek, V Swami
Perceptual and Motor Skills 110 (3_suppl), 1065-1074, 2010
Alien psychology: Associations between extraterrestrial beliefs and paranormal ideation, superstitious beliefs, schizotypy, and the Big Five personality factors
V Swami, J Pietschnig, S Stieger, M Voracek
Applied Cognitive Psychology 25 (4), 647-653, 2011
The disinterested play of thought: Individual differences and preference for surrealist motion pictures
V Swami, S Stieger, J Pietschnig, M Voracek
Personality and individual differences 48 (7), 855-859, 2010
Genetic association studies between SNPs and suicidal behavior: a meta-analytical field synopsis
AHE Schild, J Pietschnig, US Tran, M Voracek
Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology and Biological Psychiatry 46, 36-42, 2013
Using more than 10% of our brains: Examining belief in science-related myths from an individual differences perspective
V Swami, S Stieger, J Pietschnig, IW Nader, M Voracek
Learning and Individual Differences 22 (3), 404-408, 2012
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