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Dr. Yara Mahfud
Dr. Yara Mahfud
Université de Paris
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Multiculturalism and attitudes toward immigrants: The impact of perceived cultural distance
Y Mahfud, C Badea, M Verkuyten, K Reynolds
Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology 49 (6), 945-958, 2018
“Macron demission!”: Loss of significance generates violent extremism for the Yellow Vests through feelings of anomia
Y Mahfud, J Adam-Troian
Group Processes & Intergroup Relations 24 (1), 108-124, 2021
Distance culturelle et préjugés à l’égard des immigrés en France: le rôle des modèles d’intégration
Y Mahfud*, C Badea*, A N’Gbala*
Revue internationale de psychologie sociale 28 (2), 53-79, 2015
Positive associations between anomia and intentions to engage in political violence: Cross-cultural evidence from four countries.
J Adam-Troian, E Bonetto, M Araujo, O Baidada, E Celebi, M Dono Martin, ...
Peace and Conflict: Journal of Peace Psychology 26 (2), 217, 2020
“Return of the repressed”: Exposure to police violence increases protest and self-sacrifice intentions for the Yellow Vests
J Adam-Troian, E Çelebi, Y Mahfud
Group Processes & Intergroup Relations 23 (8), 1171-1186, 2020
The role of social identity in the explanation of collective action: An intergroup perspective on the Yellow Vests movement
J Adam‐Troian, Y Mahfud, K Urbanska, S Guimond
Journal of Applied Social Psychology 51 (6), 560-576, 2021
Distance culturelle, perception du multiculturalisme et préjugés envers les immigrés en France
Y Mahfud 1, C Badea, S Guimond, N Anier, A Ernst-Vintila
L’Année psychologique 116 (2), 203-225, 2016
National identification, a social cure for COVID-19? Evidence from 67 countries
E Bonetto, S Delouvée, Y Mahfud, J Adam-Troian
International Journal of Social Psychiatry 68 (5), 1116-1126, 2022
Anti-Roma bias (stereotypes, prejudice, behavioral tendencies): A network approach toward attitude strength
H Sam Nariman, M Hadarics, A Kende, B Lášticová, XD Poslon, M Popper, ...
Frontiers in psychology 11, 2071, 2020
Positive links between exposure to police violence, PTSD, and depression symptoms among yellow vests protesters in France
E Çelebi, J Adam-Troian, Y Mahfud
Journal of interpersonal violence 37 (5-6), 2267-2288, 2022
Police use of force during street protests: A pressing public mental health concern
J Adam-Troian, E Celebi, Y Mahfud
EClinicalMedicine 26, 2020
“Put a Little Love in Your Heart”: Acceptance of Paternalistic and Ally Political Discourses Both Predict Pro‐Roma Solidarity Intentions Through Moral Inclusion
A Kende, H Sam Nariman, B Nyúl, C Badea, B Lášticová, Y Mahfud, ...
Political Psychology 44 (5), 1077-1095, 2023
Individual differences in collectivism predict city identification and city evaluation in Australian, French, and Turkish cities
M Rubin, C Badea, J Condie, Y Mahfud, T Morrison, M Peker
Journal of Environmental Psychology 50, 9-16, 2017
Distance culturelle, modèles d'intégration et attitudes à l'égard des immigrés
Y Mahfud, C Badea
Psychologie de la discrimination et des préjugés. De la théorie à la pratique, 2018
The link between CS gas exposure and menstrual cycle issues among female Yellow Vest protesters in France
Y Mahfud, A Samuel, E Çelebi, J Adam-Troian
medRxiv, 2020.10. 11.20210955, 2020
Relationship between perceived evaluations of the majority-minority relationship, National identification, Positive contact willingness from French muslims point of view
M Samba, Y Mahfud, K Yogeeswaran
OSF, 2023
Multiculturalisme abstrait versus concret et attitude envers les migrant· e· s: Le rôle de l’identité nationale
OSF, 2023
Paternalistic and ally political discourses as similar predictors of pro-Roma solidarity through normative messages of moral inclusion
A Kende, H Nariman, B Nyul, B Lasticova, X Poslon, M Popper, C Badea, ...
19th General Meeting of the EASP, 2023
Put a Little Love in Your Heart
A Kende, H Sam Nariman, B Nyúl, C Badea, B Lášticová, Y Mahfud, ...
Separatism law endorsment in France: Assimilation vs Multiculturalism
Y Mahfud, H Maoulida, J Adam-Troian
OSF, 2021
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