Damian C. Lee
Damian C. Lee
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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
G4 DNA unwinding by BLM and Sgs1p: substrate specificity and substrate‐specific inhibition
MD Huber, DC Lee, N Maizels
Nucleic acids research 30 (18), 3954-3961, 2002
Fibronectin modulates macrophage adhesion and FBGC formation: the role of RGD, PHSRN, and PRRARV domains
WJ Kao, D Lee, JC Schense, JA Hubbell
Journal of biomedical materials research 55 (1), 79-88, 2001
In vivo modulation of host response and macrophage behavior by polymer networks grafted with fibronectin-derived biomimetic oligopeptides: the role of RGD and PHSRN domains
WJ Kao, D Lee
Biomaterials 22 (21), 2901-2909, 2001
Molecular analyses of mtDNA deletion mutations in microdissected skeletal muscle fibers from aged rhesus monkeys
NG Gokey, Z Cao, JW Pak, D Lee, SH McKiernan, D McKenzie, ...
Aging cell 3 (5), 319-326, 2004
A-type nuclear lamins act as transcriptional repressors when targeted to promoters
DC Lee, KL Welton, ED Smith, BK Kennedy
Experimental cell research 315 (6), 996-1007, 2009
MTB, the murine homolog of condensin II subunit CAP-G2, represses transcription and promotes erythroid cell differentiation
Y Xu, CG Leung, DC Lee, BK Kennedy, JD Crispino
Leukemia 20 (7), 1261-1269, 2006
Engineering endogenous inflammatory cells as delivery vehicles
WJ Kao, Y Liu, R Gundloori, J Li, D Lee, N Einerson, J Burmania, ...
Journal of controlled release 78 (1), 219-233, 2002
Dysmorphic photoreceptors in a P23H mutant rhodopsin model of retinitis pigmentosa are metabolically active and capable of regenerating to reverse retinal degeneration
DC Lee, FR Vazquez-Chona, WD Ferrell, BM Tam, BW Jones, RE Marc, ...
The Journal of Neuroscience 32 (6), 2121-2128, 2012
Fourier domain optical coherence tomography as a noninvasive means for in vivo detection of retinal degeneration in Xenopus laevis tadpoles
DC Lee, J Xu, MV Sarunic, OL Moritz
Investigative ophthalmology & visual science 51 (2), 1066-1070, 2010
Xenopus laevis tadpoles can regenerate neural retina lost after physical excision but cannot regenerate photoreceptors lost through targeted ablation
DC Lee, LM Hamm, OL Moritz
Investigative ophthalmology & visual science 54 (3), 1859-1867, 2013
Investigating Novel Functions of A-type Lamins: Insights Into Laminopathy-associated Dystrophies and Progeroid Syndromes
DC Lee
ProQuest, 2008
A-type lamins, nuclear structure and disease
B Kennedy, R Frock, B Kudlow, D Lee, R Nitta, E Johnston, S Hauschka
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