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Alıntı yapanlar
Alıntı yapanlar
Active (air-cooled) vs. passive (phase change material) thermal management of high power lithium-ion packs: Limitation of temperature rise and uniformity of temperature …
R Sabbah, R Kizilel, JR Selman, S Al-Hallaj
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An alternative cooling system to enhance the safety of Li-ion battery packs
R Kizilel, R Sabbah, JR Selman, S Al-Hallaj
Journal of Power Sources 194 (2), 1105-1112, 2009
Passive control of temperature excursion and uniformity in high-energy Li-ion battery packs at high current and ambient temperature
R Kizilel, A Lateef, R Sabbah, MM Farid, JR Selman, S Al-Hallaj
Journal of Power Sources 183 (1), 370-375, 2008
In situ SAXS studies of the structural changes of polymer nanocomposites used in battery applications
G Sandí, H Joachin, R Kizilel, S Seifert, KA Carrado
Chemistry of materials 15 (4), 838-843, 2003
Passive thermal management using phase change material (PCM) for EV and HEV Li-ion batteries
S Al-Hallaj, R Kizilel, A Lateef, R Sabbah, M Farid, JR Selman
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Computational modeling of ionic transport in continuous and batch electrodialysis
P Moon, G Sandí, D Stevens, R Kizilel
Separation Science and Technology 39 (11), 2531-2555, 2004
A new approach to the analysis of heat and mass transfer in drying and frying of food products
M Farid, R Kizilel
Chemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification 48 (1), 217-223, 2009
Effect of the silica precursor on the conductivity of hectorite-derived polymer nanocomposites
G Sandi, R Kizilel, KA Carrado, R Fernández-Saavedra, N Castagnola
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A review on temperature-dependent electrochemical properties, aging, and performance of lithium-ion cells
M Alipour, C Ziebert, FV Conte, R Kizilel
Batteries 6 (3), 35, 2020
Gelation-stabilized functional composite-modified bitumen for anti-icing purposes
D Aydın, R Kizilel, RO Caniaz, S Kizilel
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 54 (50), 12587-12596, 2015
Platinum nanoclusters immobilized on polymer–clay nanocomposite films
KA Carrado, G Sandi, R Kizilel, S Seifert, N Castagnola
Applied clay science 30 (2), 94-102, 2005
Nanoparticle and gelation stabilized functional composites of an ionic salt in a hydrophobic polymer matrix
S Kanyas, D Aydın, R Kizilel, AL Demirel, S Kizilel
PloS one 9 (2), e88125, 2014
Investigation of 3-D multilayer approach in predicting the thermal behavior of 20 Ah Li-ion cells
M Alipour, E Esen, R Kizilel
Applied Thermal Engineering 153, 620-632, 2019
Performance of high capacity Li-ion pouch cells over wide range of operating temperatures and discharge rates
M Alipour, E Esen, AR Varzeghani, R Kizilel
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 860, 113903, 2020
IIT plug-in conversion project with the City of Chicago
P Sveum, R Kizilel, M Khader, S Al-Hallaj
2007 IEEE Vehicle Power and Propulsion Conference, 493-497, 2007
Investigation of Real-Time Photorepair Activity on DNA via Surface Plasmon Resonance
R Kizilel, E Demir, S Azizoglu, H Asımgi, IH Kavakli, S Kizilel
PloS one 7 (8), e44392, 2012
Application of the numerical fractionation approach to the design of biofunctional PEG hydrogel membranes
R Kizilel, S Kizilel
Macromolecular Reaction Engineering 6 (4), 160-179, 2012
Anti-icing properties on surfaces through a functional composite: effect of ionic salts
D Aydin, MB Akolpoglu, R Kizilel, S Kizilel
ACS omega 3 (7), 7934-7943, 2018
Active (air-cooled) vs. passive (PCM) thermal management of high power Li-ion packs: limitation of temperature rise and uniformity of temperature distribution
R Sabbah, R Kizilel, R Selman, S Al-Hallaj
ECS Meeting Abstracts, 110, 2008
Analysis and hardware development of a novel prototype hybrid PEM fuel cell Li-Ion battery scooter
MS Alam, T Taher, M Khader, A Lateef, R Kizilel
2006 IEEE Conference on Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, 1-6, 2006
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